The first climbing festival in Pointe-à-la-Croix

For two days, the amateur event offers introductory mountaineering sessions, a conference, and a movie screening as well as yoga, pilates and rope dancing.

A man practices climbing during the 1st Pointe-Lacroix Climbing Festival.

Photo: Radio Canada/Isabelle Larousse

Bloc de l’Est was able to open the site after two years of efforts to get it included in the Fédération québécoise de montagne et d’escalade (FQME). The group currently owns 80 rock climbing sites throughout Quebec.

Fans were able to learn more about the climb.

Photo: Radio Canada/Isabelle Larousse

The point is really to get people in, because there aren’t many people who climb here. [On voulait aussi] Invite those who are already climbing to come and experience the siteFestival organizer and Eastern Bloc leader Guillaume Arbor explains.

Guillaume Arbor, president of Bloc de l’Est, the organization behind the Pointe-à-la-Croix Climbing Festival.

Photo: Radio Canada/Isabelle Larousse

Climbing potential was really good [sur le site de Baie au Chêne]The rock is really good quality and fun. There is something for all levels, for beginners and experts. I think everyone will find their accounts hereGuillaume Arbor launches.

Charles St. Louis is the Director of Outdoor Sites for the Quebec Mountaineering Association.

Photo: Radio Canada/Isabelle Larousse

External Site Manager for FQMECharles St. Louis, states that Gaspésie is not an area known for climbing sites, and this is due to the poor quality of the rocks.

It would be a smaller location, with good roads in an area where there are very few. It is a find, and it will become a gem of a Gaspésie. »

Quote from Charles St. Louis, Director of Outdoor Sites, Quebec Mountaineering Association

The festival goers who gathered at the site on Saturday agreed with him. Many climbers from the four corners of Quebec have made the trek to clearly discover the place.

Isadora Lacourse was able to learn about climbing thanks to the training provided during the first day of the festival. I was able to do the whole wall thanks to all the great volunteers who believe in us and give us advice. I’ll keep making it, it’s sold out nowRimouski woman shouts.

Gabriel Bedard, a climber from Rimouski, came to experience for himself the Bai Au Chien rock climbing site.

Photo: Radio Canada/Isabelle Larousse

I find that surprising. I had the impression that in Gaspésie it was just a crumbly rock, but it is interesting to see that there are still sites we can developGabriel Bedard adds.

The people of Rimouski are not the only ones surprised by the presence of this new climbing wall.

I was climbing at a gym in Montreal a few weeks ago and saw posters of it. I was very intrigued because I didn’t know there was rock climbing in Gaspésie. »

Quote from Nathan Shaw, climber from Montreal

I’ve never been to Gaspésie and he lets me climb. When I usually take a trip, I run behind rock facesShe launches Gabrielle Legal who came from Quebec for the occasion.

A rock climber climbs a cliff.

Photo: Radio Canada/Isabelle Larousse

About twenty climbing trails have already been built on the surface of Pointe-à-la-Croix, and about fifty should be reached by the end of summer.

The first edition of the festival is not over yet, but the organizers are already considering a second edition as well as making the event permanent.

With information from Isabel Larousse

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