Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is heading to Boston

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and his wife, the Toronto Blue Jays, will try to keep up the pace when they visit the Red Sox on Tuesday in Boston.

Guerrero led Major League Baseball in races at home with five rounds in Monday’s games. He helped his team lead the MLS Eastern Conference with a 6-4 record.

In the first game of this three-game series, Yossi Kikuchi and Nathan Evaldi are expected to be the first shooters. Kikuchi (0-1) certainly didn’t experience the expected baptism in the Guys’ costume. He gave up three runs, including two winnings, five hits and two runs in three rounds and a third on Tuesday, as the New York Yankees won 4-0.

Evaldi (1-0), for his part, will be in his third game this season. He boasts a 4.50 ERA, having hit 13 in 10 runs.

absent are coming

This series between the two teams is the first of two groups in a very short time. Starting next Monday, the two teams will meet four times on Canadian soil and the Red Sox’s line-up could be very different.

Indeed, bowler Tanner Hook indicated on Sunday that he would not accompany the team to Canada, because he has not been vaccinated against COVID-19 and that the Canadian government requires proof of appropriate vaccination to enter the country.

However, he’s not the only Sox player who hasn’t been vaccinated. When a reporter asked manager Alex Cora if more athletes could stay in Boston, he simply said “yes,” without further explanation.

Additionally, recipient Kevin Blauecki — who was vaccinated — has contracted COVID-19, as have two team members. He is unlikely to be able to cross the border, as the deadline to do so after a positive result is 10 days, according to the government’s website.

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Crush in Boston

The Red Sox was also playing a morning game due to the Boston Marathon on Monday. They were beaten 8-3 at Fenway Park by the Minnesota Twins.

Rich Hill (0-1) allowed four runs in four rounds and two-thirds and his team never recovered.

Kyle Garlick and Jorge Polanco were his tormentors, both blasting the running crawlers twice in the first and third rounds, respectively. Cristian Vazquez was the only Red Sox player who extended his arms during this duel.

On the hill, Dylan Bundy (2-0) had a good walk. The Twins player only allowed one run in five strokes of the safe and outlasted six opponents in the gauntlet in five and three rounds.

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