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Walmart Canada Announces Two Changes To Its Executive Leadership Team

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Last month, the retailer announced a series of management changes.

“This ad matches our strength in talent,” he says. Horacio Barbetto, president and CEO of Walmart Canada. “These are very exciting times for Walmart Canada and with the dynamic leadership of AnnMarie and Rob, I am confident that we will continue to build the transformation journey for our partners and customers.”

Anne Marie MercerHe is Walmart Canada’s new Chief Human Resources Officer, and oversees the division for one of the nation’s largest employers, with more than 100,000 employees and more than 400 branches, distribution centers and fleets nationwide as well as a growing e-commerce business.

AnnMarie joins Walmart Canada in 2015 and He has been instrumental in charting the way forward for the strategic initiatives that guide our talent agenda and organizational design and ways of working forward. His ability to turn strategy into action and collaborate across the organization helped ensure that we, as a team, achieve our strategic goals. AnnMarie is known for developing talent, motivating others to strive for their full potential, tapping into their unique abilities, and demonstrating how their actions spread through our “big picture”. AnnMarie’s strengths will position us well as we move into the next phase of our transformation journey, ensuring that employees are at the heart of everything we do.

Prior to joining Walmart, Anne-Marie held various leadership positions in human resources and communications, spearheading major corporate and global initiatives, including worldwide mergers and acquisitions, and advancing talent management.

Rob NicolHe is the Vice President of Communications and Corporate Affairs at Walmart Canada. Oversees environmental and social governance, government relations, company events, translation, and internal and external communications teams.

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In 2017, Rob joined Walmart Canada. During those five years, Rob managed the complete transformation of the company’s work team. Under Rob’s leadership, the team cemented Walmart Canada’s overseas reputation as a renewable company, fostered positive and strategic relationships with government, and helped position our company as a great place to work with a more proactive approach to telling our story.

Rob has extensive experience and high-level corporate affairs experience in various industries and governments, including with a major advisory firm, Canadian Tire and 407 ETR. He also served as Director of Communications for the Prime MinisterOntario and Prime Minister of Canada.

About Walmart Canada

We operate a network of more than 400 branches across the country, serving more than 1.5 million Canadians every day. Walmart Canada’s online store,, is visited daily by more than 1.5 million customers. Walmart Canada is one of the largest employers in the country. With over 100,000 partners, Walmart Canada ranks among the top 10 most influential brands nationally. Walmart Canada was recently ranked as one of the most popular companies on LinkedIn in 2021 and was also named as one of the most popular brands in Canada (according to Google search results). Walmart Canada’s extensive charitable program focuses on supporting Canadian families in need and since 1994, the company has raised and donated more than $500 million to Canadian charities. Additional information can be found at And on the pages FBAnd the Twitter And the Instagram And the LinkedIn From Walmart Canada.

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SOURCE Walmart Canada Corp.

For more information: Felicia Fefer, Corporate Affairs, Walmart Canada, [email protected]

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