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Watching 4K videos could be paid soon

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Google intends to try everything to get more users to adopt its YouTube Premium subscription, and it can even block access to 4K definition for free users.

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The last year, YouTube Premium and Music had at least 50 million subscribersBut Google certainly doesn’t want to stop there. Hoping to attract new customers to its paid service, the American giant could do well Making a major functionality of the platform inaccessible to non-paying users.

In fact, as many users revealed on Reddit, the company is now planning To charge a fee to access 4K definition videos on its platform. YouTube has been free to choose from all the available definitions within videos for years now, but Premium subscribers may soon not have access to the highest ones.

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Google wants users to pay for high-quality videos

As a screenshot from YouTube shows, Google seems to be testing the restriction well in many users. Those who use YouTube for free will watch” Premium, click to upgrade Next to the definition of 2160 pixels below the videos.

Google has yet to confirm its plans to make 4K streaming exclusively on YouTube Premium. It is very likely that the company will try this change in Watch the audience’s reaction and decide if it’s a good idea to create 4K videos exclusively on YouTube Premium. We also don’t know if Google wants to limit access to 4K only on smartphones, or if the change is aimed at any device capable of playing YouTube videos.

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Reminder, YouTube Premium currently costs €11.99 per month in France. While waiting to learn more about YouTube, Google fans are also waiting for the company to clarify the fate of Stadia, especially its console. In fact, they want Google makes the console compatible with Bluetooth to play on other platformsbecause at the moment it only works by connecting it with a cable.

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