We are not competing to replace the Régis Labeaume

Quebec’s mayor’s decision to leave political life appears to spark interest in former liberal minister Sam Hamad to reverse his decision and run for Quebec mayor.

As far as we know, he has received several support calls since yesterday.

A former Louis-Hébert member and minister in charge of Capitale-Nationale announced in February that he would not be a candidate for family reasons.

Also according to our information, the former MP takes note of this renewed interest in his candidacy.

Sam Hamad refused the interview request.

Philip Coyllard, Pierre Dion, Regis Laboum, and Wissam Hamad at the official inauguration of the Videotron Center on September 8, 2015.

Photo: Canadian Press / Jacques Boiseno

There is no return to politics for Agnes Maltese

A longtime member of the Parti Québécois of Taschereau and former Minister in Charge of Capitale-Nationale, Agnès Maltais is well-versed in the mechanisms of politics and Quebec City. But she rejects the idea of ​​running after the departure of Mr. LaBomme.

I will not go back to politics, I have always been clear about this.

Quote from:Agnes Maltis

She would like the incoming mayor to be fully involved in the tram file and to commend Regis LaBum’s work over the past 14 years.

Close-up of Agnes Maltais, outside.  She is wearing a blue trench coat and glasses.

Ex-MP Agnès Maltais, Parti Québécois

Photo: Radio Canada

My mayor called him […] Because he instilled so much respect. It was clear. He was outspoken, he crowded out governments when he made big trips. Every time, you had to get along with it.

Dominic Brown: Not now

Chocolat Favorites CEO Dominic Brown, whose name has already been circulated, prefers to focus on his business and family for now. However, he does not close the door to the future.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to introduce myself. It would be a great honor. But my priority is my family’s projects and favorite chocolates. I could always show up later if I wanted to, but my kids, now is the time to get the most out of it before they get too old.Books on social media.

Mr. Brown also honors the Mayor of Quebec.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor. I once said: Why can’t we create new multinational companies here, with head offices in Quebec? Thank you in the name of my favorite chocolate and for my love of our city, you will be an inspiration to think more about our capital. I hope our paths cross again.

Gerard Deltel closed the door

The position of Deputy Governor did not change to ride Louis Saint Laurent, Gerard Deltel, with the departure of Regis Labium. The door always closes.

Gerard Deltel.

Gerard Deltel

Photo: Canadian Press / Sean Kilpatrick

As I have always said publicly and privately: I will not be a candidate for Mayor of Quebec. I am proud to be a Member of Parliament for the people of Louis Saint Laurent in Ottawa and I intend to stay as long as the citizens want it.

Sebastian Prolux

The liberal MP for Jean Talon was elected in the by-elections on June 8, 2015 and then re-elected in 2018, former liberal Minister Sebastian Brolux cannot run for practical reasons.

Mr. Brooks does not live in Quebec City, as the election rules state that a candidate must have lived in the territory for at least 12 months prior to submitting the ballot.

Julie Lemieux

Former journalist Julie Lemieux was the right-hand man for Regis Labium for several years at City Hall. She also closes the door to a return to politics, but hopes for the arrival of surprising candidates and new faces in the race for mayor.

Julie Lemieux

Julie Lemieux announced in 2017 that she would stop working after 8 years in politics. She is currently the CEO of Opération Enfant Soleil

Photo: Radio Canada / Charles De Ambroise

Until then, it revives Regis LaBum’s psychic strength and political inclination.

He taught me all about politics. Having managed to do politics with Régis Labeaume, I don’t think I could have gotten a better mentor than him. He made me believe I was able to do this and gave me wings. It really allowed me to thrive.

More details to come

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