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We know more about Camille Felton’s sweetheart!

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On Wednesday evening, we had stars in our eyes when we found out, Celebrity big brother, For the first time, a shovel That makes the actress’s heart beat Camille Felton. Well no, it’s actually not a heart to take!

Now we know more about the actress’s sweetheart and co-founder of festival Appearance of, Who has been in love with her for about a year. according to The symposiumWho contacted the mystery David From Camille, the young man is 22, and soon 23 years old (the following April 28 more precisely), his name is David Roy and he is from Saint Jerome, in the Laurentians. The latter told the news site that he had a relationship with a candidate Older brother Since April 2020, after meeting his better half in January of the same year.

The lucky winner studied mechanical engineering, before becoming a production engineer for an aerospace company. However, David recently made a job change, as he is now working as a financial investment broker.

by the way, The symposium David asked what the truth is Kevin LaPier He shared his feelings for Camille several times over the past few weeks. Then the beautiful half of the actress and director confided that he was glad she made friends during the adventure, including friendships with Kevin. “ It’s good for his spirits and that’s what matters He would say. David says he’s not worried about Kevin’s affection for his girlfriend: It just shows how lovable Camille can be. Kevin was right in saying that I am lucky to have him in my life. ยป

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The young mediator added that he was finding “ It’s disappointing to see all the negative comments on social media at [sujet] By Camille At the same time, it was mentioned that only a few parts of the participants’ daily life Older brother They are shown on screen, and often the production holds more than it can get the audience to engage. ” It’s amazing how well it works with all of these [adversaires] Finally, David added, proud of his half.

We wish the couple a long life and good luck to the beautiful blonde in today’s contest. he goes Camille!

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