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With a true mind, intelligence can communicate with Neff

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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At the beginning of the speech, the writer said that he should not be afraid of the future development of the art of wit. It is nonsense to suspend the development of artificial intelligence. I’m not worried. Whenever something new appears, people get anxious. He also recorded a bike as a deposit.

Together with moderator Vokle, he talked about how we will know when the development of artificial intelligence has reached a stage that poses a real danger to humanity and whether artificial intelligence is useless.

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When was the last time I tested my creative AI skills? And why is he not afraid that artificial intelligence will deprive him of the work of a writer? Ondej Neff will also answer these questions in the city of Rozstel.

Development in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been accelerating recently, and not just in the field of creative work. Sophisticated drawing programs allow you to create original text or images, and they can also be very realistic.

Scientists doubted the fact that technology, thanks to the vast amount of data, will one day reach a stage where it will begin to replace human creativity with itself. But the current developments seem to have frightened them.

Hundreds of academics, experts and businessmen involved in the development of artificial intelligence, including Elon Musk billion in the latest report, are calling for at least a temporary suspension of the development of new models in light of the depth of the danger to society and humanity.

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Indeed, AI systems should only be developed when we can be sure that their effects will be positive and that their risks will be manageable. letters non-profit organization The Future of Life Institute, which has joined 1,000 personalities from the tech world and experts in artificial intelligence.

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