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When playing it makes the bird smart

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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The “House of Knowledge” is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell the living in all its freshness. But also, in all its complexities. Arch to marvel at the world’s treasures. In this ninth episode, let’s return to Australia the home of songbirds and parrots. We’ll only meet a strange bird there: the Gray Messenger.

The Gray Messenger is A. a bird About thirty centimeters. They are only found in Australia. at Wood Dr’Eucalyptus, Especially. So, of course, Colors A bit boring. But it deserves to be known. Because it is a very sociable bird. For example, he shares his clay nest with other members of his group.

He is a player. We sometimes see him jog at high speed SpeedTwig in PeckChased by his friends, the Gray Messenger. Mess? He better spent his time imagining tools that would improve him living conditions. Let’s take an example from us, the people, who developed brain Through the use of more and more advanced tools. Other animals did, too. Researchers call it “hypothesisIntelligence Technique “.

But can we imagine that this hypothesis is somewhat exaggerated? However, this is the view shared by Professor Gisela Kaplan, fromUniversity of New England (Australia). According to her, gameplay may actually be the key to developing a A bigger brain.

The game, the IQ engine?

Opinion based on long reviews of 77 Types of birds. Lorikeet a rainbow who loves to swing. Giant king hunter – also known as kookaburra – who prefers to play with stones. Or the white-winged person who is distracted in an attempt to steal the branches that were caught along with his little buddies.

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The result: seriousness does not pay! Use tools It does not give birds any benefit Thing Brain size – not eventhe hope of life. The game is another thing. Birds who love to play – and even more so those who know social play, which is shared with their peers – clearly win Mass My brain – and at the time of life.

Note that nothing today lets us know what happened first: the attraction to the game or the size of the brain. Either way, play seems to provide more than just an opportunity to spend time together. So, take an example from the Gray Messenger … not that stupid!

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