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What are the advantages of bonus codes in sports betting?

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Sports betting has witnessed several interesting developments over the years in Ontario and other regions in the world. It also looks set to witness several interesting future evolutions that will further boost its popularity.

Currently, technology is shaping sports betting into one of the biggest global industries. Sports betting organizations combine different advertising methods to reach prospective bettors and keep them away from the competition.

To keep bettors away from the enticing adverts and promotional offers of other sports betting companies, most sports betting companies offer bonus codes to bettors. For instance, Pinnacle VIP code can be used by new players in Ontario, which leads to an important question – How do bonus codes work? And what advantages do they provide to bettors?

How do bonus codes work?

Bonus codes are promotional deals offered by betting platforms to bettors. When a bettor uses a bonus code, they get certain rewards from the betting platform.

The reward may be in the form of betting points, tokens, or increased access to more features and betting options on the betting platform for a limited time.

Bonus codes are an important part of marketing strategies of online sports betting companies. The interesting thing about them is that they are beneficial to both bettors and sports betting platforms.

Advantages of bonus codes

To the bettor, bonus codes are important for the following reasons:

  • Increase winning chances

Bonus codes are a form of the launch pad that can boost the winning chances of bettors when applied. Bonus codes can increase the number of games available to the bettor. They can also potentially increase the rewards earned.

  • Reward bettor loyalty

There are hundreds of sports betting platforms with juicy offerings and odds. Everywhere you turn, these sports betting platforms try to lure players, which is why the competition is very high in the sports betting space. Players who stick to a sports betting platform rather than jump at the different offers available to them will potentially enjoy more rewards from time to time.

To the Sports betting platform, bonus codes play the following important roles:

  • Boost the sports betting platform’s relevance and presence

Spending enormous budgets on advertisement is not sure to guarantee patronage. Still, a bettor’s positive review of the bonus codes they get on a bettor forum can help the sports betting platform gain new patrons.

  • Generate more revenue for the sports betting platform

Betting platforms can attach different conditions to their bonus codes. Since bonus codes are usually time-bound, sports betting platforms can provide options for bettors to extend or reuse them when they deposit or play certain games. Most bettors will jump at this offer and generate more revenue for the sports betting platform.


Bonus codes are much more advantageous to both bettors and sports betting platforms. They will remain an important part of sports betting. Sports betting platforms and bettors will continue to consider them while making betting decisions.

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