National Assembly | Parties unite to honor Pierre Bruno

Pierre Bruno received a lively tribute at the National Assembly on Tuesday in Quebec. The four major parties joined forces to salute the veteran TVA announcer, who will retire next week.

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Marc-Andre Lemieux

Marc-Andre Lemieux

On this occasion, Pierre Bruno was awarded the Medal of Honor by the National Assembly “for his exceptional contribution to the media in Quebec”. In the Blue Room, elected officials gave the 70-year-old journalist a standing ovation, after praising his brilliant career, receiving 23 Artis Awards, two Gemini Awards and many other awards, including Canada’s National Medal.

The Minister of Culture and Communications, Nathalie Roy, showered the man she described as a “gentleman” with flowers.

“His daily presence in our television scene is sure to be lost,” the spokesperson said. This great Quebec informant is a man of heart, along with a journalist invested in his work, and impeccable integrity. These great qualities are the reason why Pierre Bruno is now considered a major figure in the Quebec press. »

Natalie Roy also highlighted his social commitment, through the Charles Bruno Foundation, which he created in 1990 to continue the work started by his eldest son, who died of leukemia at the age of 12.

For more than 30 years, this foundation has funded and supported research in the field of pediatric oncology. I would like to express all our admiration and gratitude to Mr. Bruno, as well as to his wife for their continued investment in this cause. Thanks to this foundation that I created, the name Charles Bruno has become synonymous with hope for many children and many parents. »

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Acadie MP, liberal Christine Saint-Pierre, congratulated Pierre Bruno on his 46 years as a broadcaster for TVA.

“During my journalistic career, I met Pierre Bruno on the field, and although we were not from the same network, and of course competitors, he was always a gentleman, as the former journalist stated on Radio Canada. On his stage, it is the open man who asks intelligent questions. He wants to be understood. He has never indulged in complacency.”

Vincent Marisal of Quebec Solidere described Pierre Bruno as a “symbol” of the development of professionalism in journalism in Quebec. “Tele Metropole, and then TVA, gave her nobles’ letters.”

Finally, Joël Arseneau, of Parti Québécois, praised his rich career.

“The news anchor must not only know how to communicate, but must also dedicate themselves to describing, explaining, sharing the news, telling it clearly, concisely and with real interest in order to interest viewers in the news, and to raise people’s awareness of the issues that affect them and that can have an impact. decisive for their daily life. Pierre Bruno undoubtedly possesses all these qualities, all these talents.”

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