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What are the characteristics of good and natural eyelash serum?

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Eyelash serum is a cross between firming and healing substances. They contain a lot of useful elements, so the tool has a strong effect:

Nourishes hair follicles, fills each eyelash with the necessary elements,

  • Strengthens the roots so the hair comes out less than your hair
  • Stimulates and accelerates growth,
  • Strengthens eyelashes, increases their thickness and gives them a natural volume,
  • Repairs damaged hair, makes it more elastic and shiny,
  • Gives rich color to eyelashes,
  • It has rejuvenating properties on the skin of the eyelids.

Some serums contain coloring pigments. Such funds not only heal, but can make the color of the lashes look more vivid and saturated and give it a different shade. The remaining serums are a great base for decorative cosmetics.

Serum composition

The effectiveness of any medical cosmetic depends on the proper set and concentration of nutrients. So, if you want to find a serum that helps you, pay attention to the budget composition.

Note that not all serums are equally useful. In addition to nutrients, such products may contain hormonal substances – prostaglandins, as well as peptides. These substances can cause allergic reactions: dry eyes, redness, inflammation, eyelash loss. Before using eyelashes, test this product on a small part of the skin.

Useful components of serum:

  • Amino acids restore hair structure,
  • Biopeptides increase eyelash volume and stimulate their growth.
  • A set of vitamins necessary for nutrition and recovery,
  • Antioxidant slows down aging
  • Seaweed extract accelerates cell regeneration,
  • dexpanthenol strengthens hair follicles,
  • Hyaluronic acid makes lashes stronger and more elastic,
  • Natural oils are rich in micronutrients,
  • Polymers fasten the scalp and make the hair smooth and shiny.
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Herbal extracts have a variety of beneficial effects, for example pumpkin strengthens the roots and soothes and colors green tea.

Moisturizing additives do not allow the lashes to become dry and brittle.

Of course, the list of serum components is probably incomplete. Manufacturers are constantly improving the composition of their products and creating the most effective drug therapy.

Types of eyelash serum

Conditionally all serums can be divided into two main types:

  • The treatment of such funds is intended to repair the structure of the hair and improve the hair follicles. After cosmetic and sticky medicated serums are used for false eyelashes, perm, stress, hormonal imbalance and other factors that have a detrimental effect on the hair. The tool helps to repair the growth line and strengthen the eyelashes. The period is one to two months. If the serum does not work, you should contact a pathologist. This problem may be very serious and cannot be solved by medical cosmetics.
  • Nourished and sturdy. It has the greatest effect on healthy eyelashes that need extra volume. The composition of these boxes is antioxidants, vitamins A, B, E and plant extracts. You can use booster serums for a long time – until the desired effect is achieved. To do this, apply the mixture on the eyelashes once or twice a day.

How to choose a serum for eyelash growth?

Decide why you need curd before going to the store. For thin straight eyelashes, a cheap remedy with a vitamin is suitable. If the lashes are weak, dry, and more than normal, you will need stronger treatment serums.

  • If the problem is purely cosmetic, you want to make your eyelashes thicker and more attractive, just choose a high quality nourishing serum. If hair loss occurs, you should first consult a pathologist. Your doctor will help you choose the most appropriate combination.
  • Read the product summary carefully. This should indicate whether the drug has been tested in humans and how likely it is that allergic reactions will occur.
  • Read reviews about the selected serum, you can also ask those who have used the combination before.
  • Buy high quality specialized cosmetics – this is your health, do not save
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General rules for using serums

The main point of effectiveness of nursing procedures is their regularity. Therefore, if you want to get results, take serum once or twice a day (depending on the specific medicine). In addition, you must follow simple rules:

Before using the medical composition, be sure to remove all makeup so that particles of decorative cosmetics do not get on the mucous membrane of the eye.

  • If you use serum in the morning, it is recommended to wash thoroughly before the operation.

Evening procedures are best done 30-40 minutes before bedtime, so that the beneficial elements have time to absorb.

Apply the serum with a brush from the root of the eyelashes or eyebrows to their tips – just a smear is enough.

  • Try to minimize the use of mascara and eye shadow during eyelash treatment, do not apply makeup earlier than 30-40 minutes after using the product.
  • Some serums do not need to be washed, others need to wipe a cotton pad after a while, you can clarify this in the medication instructions.
  • If the desired result is achieved sooner, experts recommend using the serum less – once or twice a week.
  • Periodically, you should repeat the eyelash care period to always be thick and attractive.

Function and composition of serum to grow and strengthen eyelashes

Eyelash serum can be divided into several groups depending on the function they perform.

  1. Nutritious serum. They are recommended for reconstruction after aggressive cosmetic procedures (for example, making or curling with chemical compounds). They repair the structure of the eyelashes, eliminate porosity, restore the hair to its natural and curved shape.
  2. Their healing serums are prescribed only by specialists with higher medical education. Medications are used in cases where eyelash loss is associated with any internal disease or burnout.
  3. Growth stimulating serums. They have a completely aesthetic function and are designed in such a way that the fair sex looks brighter and more spectacular. Most of these products also contain special components that cover each hair and create a laminate effect. This helps protect the lashes from the aggressive effects of the environment.
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In addition, serum may differ in composition. There are three main factors that differ in their active components.

  1. Vitamin serums enriched with vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances.
  2. Herbal serums, which contain extracts of medicinal plants.

3. Chemical serums are composed entirely of substances obtained in the laboratory

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