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What are the specific symptoms for a woman?

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Heart attack symptoms can vary between men and women. But then, if you were a woman, how would you recognize her? That’s the question the listener asked on Wednesday at the show No appointment Europe 1. Claire Mounier-Viher, cardiologist at the Heart and Lung Institute at the University Hospital of Lille, Professor of Vascular Medicine at the University of Lille and co-founder of “Agir pour le Cœur des Femmes”, a gift fund that transformed into prevention of cardiovascular disease in Women, I tried to answer it.

Symptoms of infarction From the woman It is actually different in one of the two cases. It is a vice pain: one gets the impression that the chest is compressed, with pain in the jaw and arm. This reflects the fact that one of the arteries in the heart, the coronary artery, has become blocked.

Dizziness, nausea, or fatigue

Other symptoms include sudden dizziness: it turns suddenly and your stomach hurts, like heartburn. There are also gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Finally, an extraordinary stress of everyday life efforts. These symptoms are often associated with.

We shouldn’t say to ourselves: “Nothing.”

These symptoms do not only occur in all women. It occurs in women with cardiovascular risk factors: women who smoke, are stressed, sedentary, overly stressed, have diabetes or have cholesterol. So a woman shouldn’t say to herself, “It’s okay, I’ll talk to my doctor about this later.” A special consultation is necessary if symptoms persist for more than ten minutes.

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