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What do fictional superheroes teach us about aging?

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  • Marvel Studios has produced 26 films, featuring superheroes.
  • The researchers conducted this study between 2020 and 2021, during periods of confinement.
  • Each watched between 8 and 50 hours of Marvel movies.

Even superheroes need to be careful about their health. Celebrating Christmas edition British Medical Journal, researchers presented a study on the aging of superheroes, and their advice to take years good health. “Since superheroes are likely to live much longer than most people, it seems appropriate to consider their health and its connections to the pathways and outcomes of aging.Explain the authors of this paper.

Superheroes are getting old, like everyone else!

Environmental, social and economic factors can have an impact on aging, but also depends on the individual elements. Some of them, like hereditary, fixed but others are adjustable: diet, physical activity or smoking. In this work, the authors postulate that superheroes are no exception to this rule: their individual paths to old age are guided by personality traits in the same way as everyone else. To test this hypothesis, Australian researchers looked at 24 Marvel films released between 2008 (Iron Man) and 2021 (Black Widow). According to them, all heroes except for Thor, who lived for several thousand years, are very old.

No smoking, little alcohol and a positive state of mind

First, note their behavior: they note that superheroes regularly participate in a Physical activity and exercise, two important factors in healthy aging. Also, superheroes show a high degree of social cohesion and interaction, both of which are associated with a lower risk of infection mental illness. They also display a positive or optimistic state of mind, along with psychological resilience and a sense of purpose, which have all been associated with healthy aging. With the exception of Thor and Iron Man, superheroes don’t drink much or smoke, and these behaviors are also linked to a longer, healthier life. Scientists note that the Black Panther and Iron Man are very intelligent, which reduces the risk of developing dementia. Finally, the vegetarian From Black Panther is also a plus: it increases the chances of healthy aging.

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What are the risk factors for superheroes?

While living in a fantasy world, superheroes are not safe from dangers to their health. repetitive loud sounds, air pollution Multiple superhero head injuries increase the risk of dementia, physical injury and disability. For some superheroes, the risk factors are more numerous: for the Hulk, they are heart problems, a high body mass index, and too frequent rage. For Black Widow, childhood trauma increases the risk of physical and mental illness. As for Spider-Man, researchers suspect that his speed will allow him to sleep for the 8 to 10 hours needed for him teens about his age. Australian scientists believe that superheroes should halt their efforts to keep the multiverse safe, and instead find solutions to allow universal access to health services. “This will allow people in the multiverse, including superheroes, to enjoy a high quality of life in their old age.They concluded, however, that Marvel products don’t seem ready to turn into a preventative anti-aging spot!

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