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What do you watch on TV on Monday?

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Here are some suggestions for shows and movies to watch on French TV on Monday, March 29:


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays the legendary Hercules in the movie bearing his name. While dreaming of a peaceful retirement, he finds himself somewhat busy, first because his family was killed, and then because he agrees to help a princess and her people.

Lundi, 13 h, TVA.

“A day in nature”

The desert of South America is a unique place. I found wildlife there just as much. Here, we live 24 hours as so many animals, who have learned to deal with the hot sun and, above all, benefit from it. Their survival depends on it.

Monday, 7 pm, ICI Explora.

“Devil’s Advocate”

The relationship between attorneys and defendants is sometimes complex. Two attorneys defended Timothy McVeigh, who was intending the death penalty for the 1995 Oklahoma City attack. The latter recounts the details of a highly publicized trial. Replay of the first season.

Monday, 8 pm, ME and CIE.

Another story: the important time

After the blunt ending of Another Story, Benoit McGuinness appears without clothes as Sebastian, but leaves him to meet people who decide to live intensely and enjoy every possible moment.

Monday, eight in the evening, ICI-Canada Télé Radio.

‘Camping on the island’

There are several reasons why there is a lot of camp, as in Prince Edward Island. Fans of the outdoor lifestyle are happy to leave the comfort of their homes and defy the weather to keep them from enjoying the experience.

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Monday, 9 pm, Unis TV.


Court of England. The beginning of the eighteenth century. The arrival of the Duchess of Marlborough’s cousin, who until now was a favorite of the Queen, turned many things upside down. Oscar winner Olivia Coleman – Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone provide the answer in this thrilling film that blends drama, comedy and history.

Monday, 9 pm, Tele Quebec.

“On the way to travelers”

Manitoba French culture vibrates thanks to the beautiful diversity. Music, storytelling and humor prevail harmoniously. This is what we discover, as the crow flies, on the Route des Voyageurs. Contemporary panorama of artistic wealth.

Monday, 9:30 pm, ARTV.

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