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What do you watch on TV on Monday?

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Here are some suggestions for shows and movies to watch on French TV on Monday, January 25:


A motor racing movie featuring Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brule battling hard behind the wheel during the 1970s, as the rivalry between Englishman James Hunt and Austrian Nikki Lauda – in Ferrari and McLaren respectively, was at its peak in the Formula 1 circuits.

Lundi, 19 Hours, TVA Sports.

“The White Team”

Dancers Catherine and Alexander invested time and energy to get their Seem So Far students ready for “Hit The Floor”. The moment has come and expectations are high: 1st place and the $ 10,000 wallet in their sight.

Lundy, 19 Hours, TVA.

Buildings in danger

What would happen to lead to the massive collapse of construction sites, as has happened so many times in Asia? What are the results of these accidents? The show looks at the science and engineering behind this massive destruction.

Monday, 7:30 pm, Channel D.

“At the heart of the DPJ”

Entering into an Intense Daily Professional Life: The Life of the Staff of the Youth Protection Department. These women should offer help and protect children every day, when the emotional burden and stakes are high. Aired the first two episodes of docu-Reality.

Monday, 8 pm, RDI.

‘Another story’

A victim of attempted murder, Anemone is still being treated in hospital. If her life is no longer in danger, then she should instead deal with strong images of her past life. Meanwhile, Valer – who persuaded Patricia to help him – is being interrogated by Caroline.

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Monday, 8:00 pm, ICI-Canada Télé Radio.


After bravely defending a young woman who has been raped in Laos, an American doctor is forced to become a fugitive when the attacker’s body is rescued from the water. The victim is known: he is the son of the Australian ambassador. Thriller, starring Canadian Rousseff Sutherland.

Monday, 9 pm, max.

‘Leave Mister Bruno’

To celebrate the start of Season Three, Bruno Blanchett explores the African continent because he alone knows how to do it. The first stop: Lake Nokoi, where several villages were built. Many of Benin’s residents live there in homes on stilts. The Quebec explorer wants to know how people live.

Monday, 10 pm, evasion.

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