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What do you watch on TV on Sunday?

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Here are some suggestions for shows and movies to watch on French TV on Sunday 11 April:


In order to taste the summer prematurely, Genevieve Ogelman decides to prepare delicious meals from salads. Also, who says temperatures are moderate, says gardeners. Actress Salome Corbo and the seed company, Jean-Francois Levic, are eager to talk about it. The final episode of the season.

Sunday, 2 p.m., ICI-Canada Télé Radio.

Talking about taxes is nothing to worry about

To simplify the production of the tax report – which many consider a mystery – Marianne Speer and Jonathan P. Terrain demystify the world of Quebec tax, while allowing for advice and advice. A program designed for young people.

Sunday, 3:30 pm, MAtv.

When they are there!

Benoit Roberge’s thirst for culinary discoveries is undeniable. Satisfy his palate with duck pizza and surf and grass burgers from Hopera in Jonquière, as well as fresh ceviche from Guacamole y Tequila found in Sherbrooke.

Sunday, 5 pm, zest.

Star Academy 2021 Diversity

For the first time in this edition, academics will have to leave the adventure at the end of the evening. One of them will be memorized by the public, and the other will be kept by the faculty. In danger before the semi-finals start: Luno, Maeva, Xi’an and William.

Sunday, 7 pm, VAT.

Dancing with the wolves

He is assigned to the Sioux Territory during the Civil War, where a lieutenant in the army develops friendly relations with the Indian people and animals. Thanks to this western movie, Kevin Costner won two Oscars in 1991, Best Picture and Best Director.

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Sunday 8 pm, max.

Lifelong transplantation

Waiting for an organ donation generates all kinds of feelings, regardless of age. Throughout this documentary, we follow three people with different causes – and their entourage – clinging to the hope of receiving what they need to live.

Sunday, 9 pm, Canal D.

Seven days of revenge

This movie was brilliantly directed by Podz, and Claude Legault carries it at the top of his art. There, the actor plays a surgeon whose young daughter is raped and murdered. He decided to take justice himself and impose great suffering on the sexual exploitation of the children.

Sunday, 10 pm, Télé-Quebec.

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