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What do you watch on TV on Wednesday?

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Here are some suggestions for shows and movies to watch on French TV on Wednesday, March 17th:

‘Bottle for mom’

By designing her first work, contemporary dancer Caroline Poe is giving birth to a desire for motherhood. Her individual design, evocative of pregnancy, will take her on a personal and important journey and pave the way for the arrival of her boy. A documentary film about a changing artist.

Wednesday, 1 pm, Planète +.

“Going differently with the family”

No need to leave the country to be honestly confused and experience a great excursion. Accompanied by Chef Stefano Vita and his eldest daughter Emilia, we travel to the wild coasts of British Columbia and meet the nation of Klahos.

Wednesday, 7 pm, TV5.

‘TV kids’

In the mid-1990s, Quebec Youth Television welcomed “Radio Enver,” a comedy-movie that was a huge success. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of this great success, actors Robin Aubert, Michelin Bernard and Francois Chenier were invited.

Wednesday, eight o’clock in the evening, ICI-Canada Télé Radio.

Zatora: A Space Adventure

This Jon Favreau movie follows two young brothers who parachute into space shortly after they start playing a board game. Between meteors, pirates and robots, they are forced to support each other in hopes of returning home in one piece.

Wednesday, 8 pm, Yoopa.

‘Beautiful harassment’

During a one-on-one dinner, Martin gets a call from JF while in the hospital. After that, he’s assigned a task that seems simple, but which could cause a lot of headaches, because of his new flicker: installing an air conditioner.

Wednesday, 9 pm, VAT.

‘The Kings of Recycling’

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Even places are on the verge of turning to dust, hiding treasures. This is what the team intends to discover and for which nothing is lost. But he must act quickly, because the majestic structures have long ceased to exist. Replay of the first season.

Wednesday, 10 pm, Historia.

“Horse of hope”

With no easy life, a young rider overcomes more than one ordeal, recovers from a serious accident and rides a normally qualified mountain keeping in mind his dream: winning the prestigious equestrian competition. Film starring Nikki Reed, Linda Hamilton, and William Shatner.

Wednesday, 11 pm, ME ET CIE.

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