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AstraZeneca Vaccine | Roll up your face

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AstraZeneca vaccine is safe, the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dube, wisely reassured the opinion of expert doctors, among others, from Quebec, Canada and the World Health Organization.

Paul GurnettPaul Gurnett

But it is known that it is difficult to confuse skeptics. Quoting another comedian, The Minister’s confidence in the vaccine, we don’t want to know that, we want to see it!

Soon this will be the case.

Mr. Dubey, born in 1956 and living in Montreal, can be vaccinated according to current standards. Scheduled for Thursday, I checked.

He told a news conference on Tuesday that he did not want to “show it.” But his thinking changes. His cabinet can summon the media. On the other hand, he will do the same as other Kiebikers and accept the vaccine given to him, regardless of which one.

Photo by Jack Poisenot, Canadian Press

Christian Dube, Minister of Health and Social Services, will be vaccinated Thursday, since he was born in 1956 and has lived in Montreal.

I understand Mr. Dubey wants to be a role model. Nobody has the right to choose their vaccine. But nobody asks for AstraZeneca either. 1% to 2% of people who have an appointment will return home instead of picking it up. By taking it, the minister was a sign of spirits.

For its part, the United States recognized the power of the image. Even though he was 61 years old, Vice President Mike Pence was vaccinated in front of the media at the start of the campaign on December 19. His message: Don’t be afraid, vaccines are safe.

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But in our country, politicians are afraid to be accused of cutting the line.

“I want to respect and then wait for my turn like everyone else,” Francois Legault said on Tuesday. I’m 63 years old, so when we get to that squad, I’m going [y] Togo. ”

“He has no problem” receiving any of the three vaccines.

Justin Trudeau gives the same speech.

I don’t doubt for a second that they’re loyal and think they’re doing the right thing.

They fear criticism and are not wrong. Some will undoubtedly find a way to feel the discontent. But this means that the whine of an angry minority has won. What a sadness …

However, the prime minister is not a citizen like the others. At this stage of the vaccination campaign, the elderly will not be deprived of a precious dose.

RYAN REMIORZ photo, Canadian Press Archive

Francois Legault

Moreover, a little publicized fact, the right arm of Dr.s Horacio Arruda, Lou D.s Richard Massey of the National Public Health Administration was vaccinated. And he got one from AstraZeneca.


“This vaccine is safe,” Dr.s Nicholas Brosseau, Chair of the Quebec Immunization Commission.

In preventing hospitalizations and deaths, the AstraZeneca vaccine is “similar in effectiveness” to the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. He adds that the reduction in mild symptoms, such as a fever, is slightly less.

Another important fact: The batch of vaccines that cause concern in Europe are not the ones received in Canada.

Of course, the science is evolutionary, and the risks must be carefully watched. This is what D does.s Brousseau and colleagues. If the data changes, it will quickly be modified.

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The European Medicines Agency will reveal its investigation into the matter on Thursday. If I conclude that there is no danger, I would like to believe that it would be enough to reassure people, but I doubt it.

Some will refuse to believe any formal scientific study. For them, there is not much to do. But many people of goodwill remain genuinely anxious. They just ask to be reassured, and it won’t hurt the image of our leaders rolling up their sleeves. With, why not, the leaders of each party to gather people together.


It would be a shame if what is happening in Europe would make us forget the good news: in a few days, all high school lessons will be offered face to face in the Orange Zone (March 22nd), and shows will finally be allowed. The red zone (March 26th) The curfew will now begin at 9:30 pm in the red zone.

Above all, all Quebec residents who wish to be vaccinated should receive their first dose before June 24.

Weeks had been suspected, with an increase in vaccine deliveries expected. But Justin Trudeau, who has an interest in lowering expectations to bring a better pre-election surprise, took time to say so.

Since December, provinces have criticized the federal government for the slow arrival of vaccines. The pressure is now shifting to their shoulders.

By the end of March, Canada will have received approximately 8 million doses. The pace will triple by June, then triple again by September. The logistical challenge will be formidable.

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This acceleration of the campaign explains the very slow start of the dismantling process, which does not dare to say its word. But a final battle must be fought so that the variants do not cause a third wave this spring, as was the case in Europe.

Therefore, Quebec has no choice. We need as many people as possible to get vaccinated. For their benefit and for the benefit of the rest of the population.

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