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What do you watch on TV Tuesday?

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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Here are some suggestions for shows and movies to watch on French TV on Tuesday, March 30:

‘Burnt barns’

In a secluded corner of the French countryside, an investigative judge (Alain Delon) suspects a family member who lives on a farm near where a crime was committed. But mom (Simone Signoret) won’t make it easy for him.

Mardi, 15h and 32, Studioocanal.

Bring the accused, Jacques Mesrin

Jacques Messrine, Public Enemy No. 1 of the 1970s, is considered one of France’s greatest bandit figures. Christophe Hundellat returns to the last escape from Mesrin, with many stakeholders, including the criminal’s last companion.

Tuesday, 6:00 pm, Planet +.

“The Chocolate Makers’ Struggle”

A few days before Easter, pastry chefs will probably offer ideas for hobbyists, in which for the competition they will have to make 3D chocolates. This will be their last chance to impress the judges and hope for a spot in the Final.

Tuesday, 7 pm, zest.

“Chiliheads, crazy for chili peppers”

This movie is a journey through five countries (Mexico, Canada, the United States, India, and Trinidad and Tobago) to discover the origins, taste properties, and impact of this fruit. We will also meet lovers of chili peppers, some of whom develop more spicy varieties than ever before.

Tuesday, 7 pm, TV5.

New Amsterdam Hospital

Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) continues to revolutionize the hospital he just ran. The Emergency Director (Janet Montgomery) will help find a solution for a pregnant patient in a difficult situation. Dr. Reynolds (Jocko Sims), for his part, is establishing the new organization of his department.

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Tuesday, 8 pm, VAT.

High bar

In this documentary, Louis Morissette will try to better understand issues related to performance anxiety among young people by interviewing various stakeholders, including figure skater Veronique Torbide, actress Emily Pierre and psychologist Natalie Platt.

Tuesday, 8 pm, ICI-Canada Radio Télé.

«King Street»

This is the last of the season. Pierre-Luc, Mary Yves and Sophie have organized a surprise in Medhi in the form of karaoke, but this is also the evening when Pier-Luc’s biological father decides to meet his son. One of his roommates would make a final decision to leave the apartment on King Street …

Tuesday, 9:30 pm VAT.

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