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What is the correct Kickass Torrent URL?

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Kickass Torrent proves to be one of the most popular torrent sites. It is easy to handle. However, the site has already been removed due to legal issues.

Some content on the Internet is protected by copyright. This prohibits downloading them. However, by using a VPN, internet users can circumvent these various restrictions. When it comes to downloading, torrent sites offer a large number of options. Kickass torrent has made it available to many internet users Download content at will until it closes.

Is it legal to download copyrighted files?

VPNs are mostly useful To maintain anonymity and avoid prying eyes online. At the same time, these tools make it possible to download protected content. They are mostly used when downloading such content.

However, we must remember that such an act has always been reprimanded by law. Where content is protected by copyright, it cannot, in principle, be registered. Kickass Torrent is a site that circumvents the law in an effort to get banned videos, software and other content. It quickly gained ground to be suddenly suppressed.

What is Kickass Torrent?

Kickass Torrent or KAT has been one of the most popular torrent sites because of the options it offers to its users. Created in 2008 by certain Artem Volyn. Only a few times after its creation, the site has climbed among the most used sites. Indeed, it reached the rank of 69 .The tenth Most visited site.

Before its closure, KAT made it possible to download movies, music and also software for free which are protected by copyright. accumulate more Million users per day The US government even ordered her removal from the circuit.

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Why was Kickass Torrent removed?

Vaulin has always stated that his website is DMCA compliant. Kickass Torrent had to delete all protected content. Provided that he is the founder of the site did not respectunder the authority of the United States. As a result, the authority forced him to delete the site.

Specifically, the employees did not waive the removal of protected content from the site. But that’s not all, the American justice has filed a lawsuit against the site because of its existence Shared pirated content.

After two years of investigation, the prosecutor concludes with the conviction of the founder Volyn. This site was forced to withdraw in 2016.

What is the proxy/mirror website?

Despite the removal of Kickass Torrent, many proxy/mirror sites still work. These are the websites that offer same look From the original site, but with slight differences. These sites are also called Website cloning. Which will delight torrent download lovers because it works just like KAT.

There are many like The Pirate Bay and Extratorrent. These proxy websites are also easy to use and are peer-to-peer type. You can try downloading using one of the following mirror sites:

  • thepiratebay.org
  • dirtytorrents.com
  • zoogle.com
  • torlock.com
  • extratorrent.si
  • 1337x.to
  • Limetorrents.io
  • yts.mx
  • idope.se

Will we see Kickass Torrent again anytime soon?

So far there little hope To review Kickass Torrent anytime soon. Since 2016, the year the US government ordered its removal, there are only cloning sites that access illegal downloads of copyrighted files. However, the return of the site can be considered, but this time Under another domain name. For now, we have to make do with alternatives like thepiratebay.org and idope.se.

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What future do we hold for torrent sites?

When a torrent site like Kickass Torrent is removed, other similar sites are gaining popularity. In fact, they continue to share the protected data of the internet users. In addition, they more friendly From legal download sites.

For their part, governments will not stop cracking down on torrent sites. Then it becomes more and more hard to reach. So users must use a file vpn To access this copyrighted information.

Should you choose a torrent site like Kickass Torrent?

Admittedly, downloading copyrighted content is still illegal. However, there are still countless freely accessible data that internet users can save without hassle, such as broadcast platforms. But this is not free. Additionally, there is content that is not available in certain geographic areas.

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