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What is the face recognition uncle? Enlighten you by Michelle Simms

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It happened to everyone to get to know someone without being able to put the first name on their face, or not to remember under what circumstances someone met this person. Sometimes these are embarrassing moments for people with face blindness, Who may not recognize people they know. And this happens to them all the time.

To remember their conversation, they use the trick: gravity, sound, smell, context. And the current period you require Wearing a mask, it can disturb the most affected This problem. We all have a hard time recognizing the people waving to you on the street right now, so imagine what the face science is going through with only half a face left.

I made a call to Thierry Lhermitte is one of the most famous facial diagnostics, To conduct an unscientific investigation, as there is only one topic. I asked him how he lives the current period with all the masked ones. And in a huge wave of laughter that may still be there, he explained to me that he hadn’t even tried to get to know people anymore.

There is no real cure or test

Finally, it requires less effort than before. When someone says to him, “Here I am.” He could easily answer: “I did not recognize you by your mask.” Philip Vandel and Brad Pitt are also distinguished by the diagnostic characteristics.

Regarding the origin of this problem, there is an uncle of acquired face recognition, which Occurs after a cerebrovascular accident (stroke) Or a trauma that affected a specific area of ​​the brain. Then there is the innate face recognition blindness. It might be A defect in the development of face recognition. There are even those talking about a genetic factor. There is no real cure for this type of disability.

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So if you identify yourself with these symptoms, you should know that some people are simply not physiologists, without falling into face recognition blindness. However, there aren’t any tests to find out, except for the one that involves showing the faces of the patient’s characters. In more severe cases Some are unable to recognize their faces.

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