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What To Do on the Internet | A List of Interesting Activities

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Jillian Castillo
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Sometimes we have to hang out at home for various reasons. Therefore, for fans of the World Wide Web, we want to present a list of the most interesting entertainments. After reading it, you will surely come up with what to do on the Internet. It is suitable for both adults and children.

We will not list movies, famous games, and music, endless games at the Canada game library. Because if you turned to this article, you are already tired of such ideas. E-books and audiobooks, too, are over. And you want something new and fresh. Let’s try to find unusual activities on the Internet. These will be useful sites and applications, trivial games, and services.

1. Text Quests

And the first thing we want to start with is quests. You’ve probably heard about the real-life quests that take place in every city. Well, there are a lot of them on the Internet these days, too. It’s enough to go to the Play Market and type in a search query. There will be quests for all tastes.

2. Google Maps

Go on a virtual journey with Google Maps. With a good Internet connection, you’ll immerse yourself in amazingly beautiful places you’ve never even heard of. Or you can take a walk through the streets of your own city, too. It’s very exciting. But if you find yourself in a place where you’ve been before, you’ll also feel nostalgic.

3. Webcams Online

Another option is to watch the action from the comfort of your own home. You can’t go for a walk, but you can watch planes taking off or what’s happening on the beach. See the streets of faraway lands or admire the fish of prey. Visit islands and space stations. There are a lot of sites like this. Type webcams online into your search box.

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4. Unusual Articles

Do you like to read interesting and unusual articles? But you’re tired of shock headlines that conceal total nonsense? Then turn to Wikipedia. For connoisseurs of fine reading, there is a collection of more than six hundred of the most amazing stories categorized here. It’s also handy that hovering your cursor will open a short description.

5. Communicating via Video Link

Recall if it’s been a long time since you’ve communicated with relatives or friends who live in other cities or countries. Perhaps you corresponded in social networks. How long have you seen each other? It’s not always possible to visit and talk face-to-face.

So why not use free video call services? Fortunately, the Internet is crawling with them. By the way, you can get your virtual friends together and have a fun video conference.

6. The Museum of Vanished Sounds

Do you want to listen to the sounds that have long disappeared from our lives? Check out Brendan’s museum. And click on the pictures one by one. How about all of them at once?

7. Self-Education

What else can you do on the Internet but educate yourself? There’s so much to do. Dreaming of visiting Poland or Germany? Begin to learn the language. In addition, the network is now full of free courses. Create a website, earn money on affiliate programs, musical greeting cards, or SMM.

Master Photoshop, blind typing, or programming. You can also watch documentary history videos. Or study Wikipedia on a specific subject. For example, the origins of a religion, a nation, an ancient country. Then you will shine with erudition in society or when doing crossword puzzles)

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8. Mitoza

Fascinating and unusual game Mitoza will not leave anyone indifferent. What is the idea? There are grain and two keys with images to choose from. And then there is a wild metamorphosis that will make you smile. Each time a unique result. Try it at your leisure.

9. GeoGuessr Travels

Not only can you travel on maps, but you can also play with them. GeoGuessr will take you to different parts of the world. And you will guess where you are and mark it on the map. Thus, exploring the world and earning points. A pleasant and rewarding experience.

10. Secret Door

Another project from the category of travel. Just push the door and find yourself in the oceanarium or even underwater. Look around the Colosseum or wander along the shelves of a bookstore. No one knows in advance to which corner of the world the secret door will teleport.


That’s the kind of entertainment list you have at your leisure. You can always find something to do on the Internet. It would be a desire, as they say. Fortunately, technology is booming, and webmasters are competing in creativity. And if you have certain skills, create your extraordinary project.

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