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WhatsApp will hate this new feature in Google Messages

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google messages End-to-end encryption is supported. With this new function, the application can establish itself as a serious competitor to The WhatsApp.

Messages is an SMS and instant messaging application developed for the Android mobile operating system. It has been offered by Google since 2014. The leading internet search company fitted it with the RCS messaging protocol in 2018. And in April 2020, it was downloaded over a billion times. Because of this massive success, Google has embarked on a massive project to enhance message security. Last December, it announced its intention to introduce the popular end-to-end encryption method. advantage that Finally just posted.

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Now only the participants in the conversation will be able to read the encrypted content of the messages, without the need for private keys.

When messages turn to WhatsApp

The Google Messaging app was mainly used for exchanging SMS and MMS. However, it has seen the number of its features increase significantly in recent years. Messages allows communication in text messaging mode with the ability to attach photos and other multimedia files. The RCS protocol ensures a secure exchange of information.

Mountain View has been testing end-to-end encryption since last November. The feature is finally available for Android smartphones. However, it is manually activated. To do this, you have to go to the application settings. The device must also have access to the Internet. Protected messages will be accompanied by a closed lock. This icon will appear at the bottom of each message.

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Note that end-to-end encryption is not yet available for group chats. ” End-to-end encryption in messages helps keep your conversations secure while sending. Ensures that no one can read the content of your messages as they flow between your phone and the content of the person you are sending a message to ”, Google states by no means on the demo page for the new feature.

Other Features Coming

Google isn’t planning to stop rolling out end-to-end encryption for its messaging app. The first search engine is another advantage. According to several sources, its developers are working on the option to pin chats. So pinned messages will still be displayed at the top of the page. This will allow the user to easily find his favorite conversations.

Another feature that is said to be under development is the ability to flag messages. When the user wants, he can easily find the important messages without having to go through the whole thread. It should be noted that these clues would have been discovered by the curious in the version 8.1.050 code of Google Messages.

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