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Early risers are less exposed, according to a study – La Nouvelle Tribune

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Scientists have proven, through a study, the relationship between mental health and getting up early. According to her, early risers are less prone to depression. researchers from wide institute and university Colorado Publish the results of their study on the site Gamma Psychiatry. During this study, the genetic data of 850,000 individuals were analyzed.

Data from two groups were studied

Of this workforce, a sleep tracker has been placed on 85,000 people, in order to study their behavior while they sleep. Another 250,000 people answered a questionnaire regarding their sleep habits. In addition, the subjects in this study went to bed at 11 p.m. and woke up at 6 a.m. On the other hand, the researchers obtained data from another group of people characterized by depressive disorders. By comparing data from these two groups, they concluded that those who get up early are less likely to be depressed. Even more, people who go to bed at 12 am significantly reduce the risk of depression.

“Spend dark nights and bright days”

Scientists estimated that these substances reduce the risk of depression by 23%. The study authors also made recommendations for getting up early and getting in good shape. For them, it is necessary that, once we get up, that “Spend dark nights and bright days”. They explained this by the fact that rapid exposure to daylight stops the release of the sleep hormone, while stimulating the production of the hormone cortisol that keeps you awake.

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