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When agrochemicals come to the Fête de la science to talk about bees

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For several years, scientific mediation and merchandising have been areas in high demand by pesticide manufacturers, eager to communicate about the controversies their products generate. Fête de la science, including 30NS Edition takes place from 1He is Until October 11, it offers a new clarification.

The event, which is organized under the supervision of public authorities, brings together a series of events, conferences, exhibitions, round tables and workshops related to science and scientific culture. In this context, a conference will be held on Saturday 2 October in Lyon with Fun and science activities On honey bee titled “Hey, did you sting a bee?” Shared thoughts and strong thoughts, what to remember from the interactions between bees and humans”.

The first edition of the programme, published on the official website of Fête de la science, announces a one-hour conference where, “At the time of discussions about biodiversity, we will question ourselves [les] interrelationships [des abeilles] With the man, we will try to get you to think outside the box and break some of the ideas received about these wonderful insects.”. The spokeswoman, Sandrine Leblond, presented as “Agronomist and beekeeper for more than twenty years”. Without indicating that the person in question is also an employee of BASF Agro, one of the European Champions of Agrochemicals, where you hold a position biodiversity manager Since 2003.

call him the scientistNSI Leblond is referring to his employer, BASF, who claims he was not informed of, and has no connection with, his employee’s participation in the demonstration. “Our employees are free to participate in cultural, sports or other activities without reference to the company”, BASF explains.

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Undisclosed conflict of interest

“The person participating in this event explained the company he works for, but did not mention the name of this company in the program because the person intervenes in his personal name as an expert (she is a beekeeper and agronomist), it has nothing to do with the company she works for”According to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. However, the following questions from GlobalismThe ministry adds that “For complete information for everyone, the name of the company in question will be specified in the program”.

Thus the Fête de la science website, three days before the event, had two pages announcing the same event: moon Determine speaker membership in BASF, other without this mention.

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