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“When an opinion is disguised as a science”

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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Chronicle – The CNRS wanted to dismiss Frederick Vidal’s suggestion by making it clear that the concept of the Islamist left was not scientific. Obviously, that would be enough to not have to talk about the reality that sets him, referee essayist Matthew Bock Kot.

Frederick Vidal dared to name what he should not be named: The insane influence of the Islamic left on the university. The term may seem, and may be, embarrassing, especially because it is restrictive: Islamic leftism is only one aspect of what the young Quebec thinker Philip Lawrange has called “faith”. The university “which distorts higher education everywhere in the Western world, especially in the departments of social sciences, is an ideology through and through. Whoever hopes to get a job there must adhere to this belief in order to find his place in the institution. We can talk more broadly about the diverse faith. In North America, there is a more general concern about “waking up” the university.

Unsurprisingly, Nomenklatura academic turned against Frederick Vidal, accusing her of using a concept coined by the “far right”. The maneuver is so agreed that it might make people laugh heartily. Is there still a file

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