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“Scientists in particular must isolate variables, obtain statistically sufficient samples, counteract the placebo effect, and work blind or double-blind.”

By Serge Dion – The contempt and hatred that traditional media and politicians, in particular, suffer, at present, is not without the scientific community. This phenomenon is difficult to understand, given that researchers are guided by discipline and action and that they must follow a rigorous scientific process.

Recently, someone sent me an email expressing disagreement with my recent editorial “Debate, yes, but with whom?” It is perfectly legitimate and I humbly accept his comment with respect.

This person did not believe at all in the effectiveness of the curfew imposed by the Legault government. So I sent him a file condition from the magazine duty Which reported two studies (conducted by researchers at the University of Toronto and Public Health Ontario) claim the opposite. She then replied simply: “You won’t change my mind,” noting that I had a right to my opinion.

This is not my opinion here or what I believe in, but the results of scientific studies. And I didn’t want to convince the person of anything, I just wanted to show them what the science had to say, so far, about it. I do not have the required scientific knowledge – moreover, it is very likely – to comment specifically on this procedure. His opinion and beliefs precede the mind and reason.

However, the scientific research is serious. Scientists in particular must isolate variables, obtain statistically sufficient samples, counteract the placebo effect, and work blind or double-blind. The results of some are then reviewed by others and the results are published – after review by a panel of experts – in official and credible scientific journals.

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It’s not perfect, sure, and it’s constantly evolving, but the science is still the most reliable we have in this time of constant misinformation. We must refer to it when in doubt. Of course, we can always find one study saying the opposite of the other. To find your way around, you must evaluate where and who posted it, sample size, method used, etc. A meta-analysis (which aggregates and aggregates the results of different studies) is more reliable than a single study.

It is important not to confuse politics with science. Health Canada, the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec, the National Immunization Advisory Committee and the Quebec Immunization Committee, among others, are not working to re-elect Justin Trudeau or François Legault. No matter which government is in power, experts from these organizations will always be positioned and dedicated to research and dissemination of knowledge.

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