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When the toilet buttons turn into a hologram

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Thanks to its floating pictorial display technology, the company has successfully physicalized the control panel of Japanese toilets. This innovation allows contactless handling, and its use can be extended to all buttons and keyboards in public places.

Japanese toilets are known to be the most advanced in the world. these Technology Concentrations It offers many functions such as water jets andair To avoid toilet paper, hot seat, automatic opening ofDemolition When someone approaches, even a fuss. From now on, they will be equipped with one 3D control panel.

This was the weakness of these devices, especially at times Epidemic. All of these functions include multiple buttons, which can be contaminated, especially in public toilets. To solve this problem, Murakami Corporation and Parity Innovations joined forces to create a Virtual screen Baptized Floating diagram technologyThe various buttons appear to float in the air above the device.

Contactless buttons

The screen is equipped with sensors Infrared That detects when a finger crosses one of the virtual buttons, thus allowing completely contactless use. This type of technology can also be used outside of WC, instead DigitalAnd the Elevator buttons, Keyboards of cash dispensers or terminals in hospital reception. It can also be used to handle appliances with dirty hands, for example in the kitchen.

Murakama is already providing samples to manufacturers as well as hospitals, and intends to start producing Mass 2022. Another positive point This kind of show Is that the buttons can be customized for each user. Restroom control panels can finally offer translation for foreigners who often remain lost in all the options written only in Japanese.

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