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Cinemas are reopening, but there is no joy in the heart

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Tony Vaughn
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Friday, Quebec Cinema Owners Association (APCQHe confirmed that the vast majority of them will be bidding from February 26th.

In a Saturday morning interview, Eric Bouchard, co-chair ofAPCQ He explained his words. There are around 100 cinemas in Quebec, 80 of them are members here. 60% of movie theaters will open in Quebec – or more: some still think, He said. Monday, we’ll have a clearer picture.

The case remained the same for a week: the forced closure of food counters in the red regions. Public health fears that the consumption of popcorn and other sweets will harm the wearing of the mask, which is mandatory at all times in public places.

The aid from Quebec, that is, extending a program that provides up to $ 15,000 a month to companies located in the red, has little impact on the owners ’decision to reopen their doors.

Obviously, the $ 15,000 does not cover lossesMr. Bouchard confirms. We had a decision to make, it was day to midnight if we wanted to be ready for February 26th, and then we made a decision to go ahead, because we told ourselves that during Spring Break, economically, we might be able to get there. However, it might get tough after March 8th.

L ‘APCQ He gives himself a period of three weeks before deciding on the next step.

We do not have guarantees. We have an improvement on the side of the pandemic, but we face threats on the other hand, Eric Bouchard thinks about the danger that the variables pose. In three weeks, the image may be very different, on one side or the other. Let’s go through the week and we’ll see later.

However, if the situation deteriorates, the onset of spring can also be a serious financial problem.

We cannot continue without being able to sell food, because that is part of our business model. Like a restaurant that doesn’t sell alcohol, its business model doesn’t work.

Eric Bouchard, Co-Chair of the Quebec Film Theaters Owners Association

Eric Bouchard recalls that since March 13, 2020, theaters have only been able to operate for three months due to government-imposed closures.

We are not in business to live on benefits, Explains co-chair ofACPQ. We are in business to entertain people, to welcome people, to make movies and show our cinematography. This is what we are working for.

The management of Le Club Cinemas announced, Friday, that it plans to resume its activities during the rest period, stressing that this initiative will lead to large financial losses.

In Chaudière-Appalaches, at least three cinemas will remain closed due to restrictions imposed by the authorities, which particularly prohibit evening performances.

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