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“When we are vaccinated, we get six times less infection,” explains the director of ARS in Normandy.

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Thursday 26 August 2,295,443 Norman has already received two doses Vaccine against Covid, according to data from Public Health in France. This represents 80.5% of the population over 12 years of age. These numbers follow the national trend. “Thanks to this, the epidemic was contained.” It was announced Monday morning from France by Bleu Thomas Deroche, director of the regional health agency in Normandy. _ “_We know that when we’re vaccinated, we get six times fewer infections and eight times fewer hospitalizations. Today, we have 75% of patients in intensive care beds. We have 65 in the area and it continues to grow. 75% of these patients are unvaccinated. So it really is an epidemic of unvaccinated people. Therefore, the risk of not receiving the vaccination today is the risk.”.

Today, the risk of not being vaccinated is the dangerous form. Thomas DeRochs

in the hospital “We are fortunate in Normandy that the situation is still inevitable” Determines the regional director of the ARS. “About 26% of our energy is occupied by Covid patients. We have regions, including in France, that have exceeded 60-70%. I’m thinking of PACA or Occitanie. So thanks for the vaccination. Here in Normandy, we have a bit of a containment situation.”

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