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Which Microsoft Office suite is right for me?

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The first difference between the two solutions is the features included in the offer. Either way you will have the right to three classic programs which are Word for word processing, Excel and spreadsheet program and finally PowerPoint to create the presentation.

Additionally, Microsoft 365 offers the following programs:

  • Single drive for storing data over the Internet, with a capacity of 1 TB
  • One note for taking notes
  • Skype for Phone Calls and Instant Messaging, 60 minutes of calls per month in over 60 countries
  • Access to publisher database management to produce contact documents
  • Family Safety, customized for family viewing, for parental controls

Note that Microsoft 365 offers work in collaborative mode, that is, you can be multiple people to edit the same document simultaneously and see changes in real time, with the ability to share via comments. This service, in addition to synchronizing files to One Drive and using Skype, requires internet access.

Another noticeably different point regarding updates: While Microsoft is distributing all the new features for free to Microsoft 365, Office 2019 doesn’t. Since this is a final purchase, you are purchasing the product in its final version thus only obtaining the security updates.

Both offerings are available for Windows and Mac, but if you subscribe to Microsoft 365, you will also be able to use the software on Android and iOS.

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