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Who are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup?

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As of Tuesday morning, there were between seven and 15 matches left for the National Hockey League teams before the Spring Dance.

On the field, some teams are still trying to consolidate the fourth and final place available in the qualifiers. The Montreal Canadiens, for example, picked up a pair of crucial points to clear Flames, which is what they have. He was defeated 2-1 at Calgary With a match on hand on these.

Above, Stefan Gonzalez offers five up-and-comers in the Mise-O-Go column.

Meanwhile, CH narrowed the gap between them and Winnipeg Jets, third in the Northern Ranking.

In other divisions, there is a constant struggle: in the West, the St. Louis Blues (48 points) are just one point ahead of Arizona Coyotes, who have played three more matches; The victory separates the Nashville Predators (56 points) from the Dallas Stars in the middle (54); The Boston Bruins (60 points) clings to fourth in the East, four points behind the New York Rangers and three points behind New York Islanders.

Odds of the “top four”

Back to the Canadians. Despite a lack of satisfactory persistence since mid-March, Dominic Ducharme’s men are doing well for the series.

to me Money Puck site, Who specializes in calculating the odds of the NHL teams, the CH’s chances of a playoff are 89.7% the day after they win in Alberta. In contrast, the flame ratio was drastically reduced to 8.2%.

If the qualifiers were to start on April 27th, the Bleu-blanc-rouge would face the Toronto Maple Leaves, first in the “Canadian” division. The odds of Montreal residents winning the chain are 36.5% versus 64.8% for Torontonians.

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Also according to Money Puck, the Habs have a 20.4% chance of reaching the third round and 7.7% reaching the Stanley Cup Final.

However, the odds of him winning the coveted cup are close to zero: 3.4%. Ironically, this drop is higher than two better-ranked teams than CH in the Northern Division: Edmonton Oilers (2.6%) and Jets (1.5%). Only “Leafs” had a better rating of 11.1%.

His chances of clinching the titles are better than two of the other “top four quarters” in the league: The Predators (1.6%) and the Blues (0.2%). The Bruins are located just above the Hab with an expectation of 4%.

Which team is likely to win the Stanley Cup in 2021? Colorado Avalanche, with 14.4%, is favored by the Washington Capitals (11.8%) and … Maple Leaves!

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