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Return to curfew at 9:30 pm: a measure the cultural community has been eagerly waiting for

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If these cultural venues remain closed in Quebec, Levis, and Ottawa, they could therefore open them later in Montreal and Laval.

We were waiting [cette nouvelle] Firmly, Lauren Bentall, General and Artistic Director of the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM), reacts to the microphone of Kathryn Reischer, the cultural columnist on the show 15-18. It is an invaluable aid for theaters.

It will make everyone’s life easier, it’s almost back to normalAdded Julie Ann Richard, Executive Director of RIDEAU, the Professional Presenter Association.

The shows were held at 5:30 pm.

However, some performances were staged at the start of the month when the curfew was reinstated at 8 p.m. You will not see their schedule revised, as this measure added to a 1.5m to 2m passage between members of the public. It caused headaches in theaters and theaters. They had to call back all the people who had bought tickets for upcoming shows.

In TNM, the play The dreamer is in his bathroom, Which starts on Tuesday, will still be on display at 5.30pm, to avoid having to remind spectators who have already received their tickets and Sending contradictory messages in a short time to the same viewersLauren Bentall says.

Cut representations Ingestion of the ingested And the 887, Scheduled for mid-May and June respectively, at 7 pm.

According to Conseil québécois du théâtre, La Licorne theater made the same selection for his play Underground summer, Which was sold through the May 8 expiry date.

The Duceppe Theater will be programmed King Dave, Which will start on Saturday at 7 PM as soon as possible.

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Breeze of recovery to movie theaters

Cinemas also welcome this relaxation. For the past few weeks, we have been operating under restrictions imposed. To see lightning, it does a lot of goodSaid Eric Bouchard, Co-Chair of the Quebec Film Owners Association.

It would be a very big change, because it’s the 7 PM performance that generates the most profit.

Since the curfew was imposed at 8 pm, cinemas have suffered from not being able to welcome an audience when the majority of people are around during the week, but also from pulling a poster and putting off some films. Distributors prefer to wait until their films can be viewed on a larger scale.

two weeks ago , Underground, Which was due to premier on April 30, its launch was subsequently delayed. Same week Vinland Club That has been removed from theaters to allow for viewing by a larger audience.

And on Tuesday morning we learned that the movie had been shown bean, Scheduled for May 14, has been postponed to July 2.

The possibility of screening early in the evening is a good time, because starting in May, new American films will be released. More regularly Eric Bouchard explained.

When is the corridor from a distance of 2 meters to 1.5 meters?

From now on, the performing arts and cinemas are waiting for the minimum distance between members of the audience who do not belong to the same bubble to return to 1.5 meters as was the case before April 8.

It takes a lot of onlookersLauren Bentall regrets,

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The TransAmériques Festival (FTA), which will open its doors in two virtual face-to-face versions on May 26, has a capacity of only 17%. This festival, which usually attracts around 25,000 people, will only be able to hold 5,000 spectators.

I find it exaggerated, frankly, on the part of Public Health or Francois Legault, Martin Fucher, FTA Technical Director, emphasized. It’s a good idea to sit in a row 1.5 meters from another person wearing a mask all the way through.

I am, in fact, very critical of the untrustworthy authorities. Our teams work hard to keep the public safe.

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