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Why Dr. Emma brings you the digital novel by Dr. Jean-François Lemoine

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Maria Gill
Maria Gill
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It’s a doctor’s story. A book based on what the life of a “doctor” teaches, not on diseases but more broadly on human nature and all that it can harbor, to the point of irrationality.

But with Emma, ​​Dr. Jean-François Lemoine especially takes you on a journey. An amazing journey along the inner journey of a young autistic girl through the desert and of course the seas. A journey fueled by the author’s emotions. A passion for human beings without which medicine would not be an art, a passion for the adventure that Dr. Jean-François Lemoine experienced so extensively in the oceans, the ship’s companion to the most famous sailor of the twentieth century, Eric Tabarly.

The novel cannot be told. You have to get on board, stay on the track when the soul wants to escape, and live the present moment without getting impatient to arrive safely. So we won’t tell you more about Emma. But for all of you, loyal netizens of our Why Doctor website, we are sure that our end-of-year gift with this digital book, will be like a breath of light and fresh air. To be enjoyed without moderation at a time when the whole world, suffering from a perpetual pandemic, can be tempted, or even forced to hold its breath.

With Dr. Jean-Francois Lemoine and “Emma”, we salute your loyalty and wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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