Why Should you invest in Parc Clematis?

The launch of Parc Clematis in December 2017, Parc Clematis has been established this year.

Developers have paid an average of $850 PSF for a plot ratio in this case. At Parc Clematis, prices are currently at about $16CX PSF.

Approximately 500 soccer fields will make up the 360-hectare district, slated to be the next largest business district of Singapore’s business district.

This district will be served by three MRT lines. Current rail lines include the North-South Line and East-West Line as well as the Jurong Region Line, which is scheduled to be completed in several phases from 2026 to 2028.

So, Why Should you invest in Parc Clematis?

Park Clematis has 5 things worth knowing:

1) Consisting Various Private Properties

By 2040, Singapore will have established a reputation as a maritime hub through the opening of its Tuas Mega Port.

Clementi / West Coast offers a large number of private homes/properties.

The Twin Vue, Parc Riviera, and Whistler Grand are some of the developed residential properties in the area.

Also present are condominiums such as Clement Canopy, The Parc Clematis, Botannia, Infiniti, NEWest, etc.

There are numerous residential developments in the area, so if you are planning to lease out your apartment, you may need a longer timeframe to find tenants.

2) 1468 Residential Units

This new development consists of nine tower blocks with 24 floors of residential units, six stratified bungalows with two floors, and 12 stratified semi-detached units with two floors. It will have a site area of 633,644 sqft. From one-bedroom to five-bedroom units, the project offers a wide range of options.

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Parc Clematis typically reaches a broader audience. 1468 Residential units will usually have more facilities available to them as well.

In the future, they will have a higher volume of sales transactions than a small-scale development.

Besides the standard blocks, there are two luxury blocks with five-bedroom apartments and wide balconies.

Would it be possible to make sales without any transactions or with only a small volume?

In general, banks will give you a conservative price indication. Therefore, you will most likely make less profit, break-even, or lose money.

Nevertheless, do keep in mind that sometimes a certain size is not reliable at all.

3) Best Condo for Parents

For residents to be able to interact with each other, themed dining pavilions like the Chef’s Kitchen and the Teppanyaki Pavilion enhance communal living. Communal kitchens and furnishings are in all of them.

A laundry pavilion with large, self-service washing machines and dryers, as well as study/work lounges, clubhouses, multipurpose entertainment halls, and game rooms are among other amenities provided.

The shuttle service between the local MRT station and the condominium is free during the first year, and it is affordable throughout the subsequent five years.

Among the nearby schools are:

  • Pei Tong Primary School
  • NUS High School
  • Nan Hua High School
  • Clementi Primary School
  • Qifa Primary School


4) Shopping and Dining in the Parc Clematis

When the weekend rolls around or you need a little retail therapy after a hard week at work, Parc Clematis Condo residents can visit the Clementi Mall, Jurong East, 321 Clementi, etc.

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Located just around the corner from Clementi, residents can easily get everything they need at the Parc Clematis shopping centers.

NTUC Supermarket, located on West Coast, is an option for grocery shopping and errands in Parc Clematis. The NTUC Fairprice store at Tebam Garden and Clementi Mall also provide convenient options for shoppers.

5) Hospitals and Clinics of the Parc Clematis

Alexandra Hospital in Queenstown, Concord International Hospital in Adam Road, or National University Hospital are some of the nearby hospitals that residents can visit for emergency medical care.

In addition, there is a wide selection of clinics within walking distance of Clementi House, including My Family Clinic at Clementi 325, Healthway Medical Clinic, Clementi 24-Hr Clinic, and Clementi Polyclinic.

So, these are some of the eye-catching things about Parc Clematis and if you like to visit it, then view Parc Clematis Showflat for online bookings.

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