William Cloutier allowed his fans to choose his song for Star Académie’s ending and here’s the choice

The countdown to the grand finale has officially begun for star Academy, Which will take place on Sunday 2 May, which will bring together Lunou Zucchini and William Cloutier.

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We’ve seen it in recent weeks, for academics, choosing which song to perform during the variety show in order to save your place can be a huge annoyance … more than that, in this case, when that’s the big ending!

Last week, William Clotter polled his subscribers, on his Instagram account, to invite them to pick his song for the final.

The young father admitted that he “had no other ideas” and asked his fans to provide him with song ideas that matched his voice. Then he printed out all the suggestions made by the audience, to choose five, that is, those that were received most often.

Monday evening, William made a random drawing of the five pieces and … the drum roll … would perform I still love you Posted by Celine Dion!

“Oh my God! The song you once sang.” The Great Court !!! And he said in the caption below the post, It would be special if you do it again !!

In fact, it’s amazing to learn that he would sing the same song when he appeared on the Gregory Charles-hosted show in 2008. Watch this performance here:

In the comments, its subscribers seemed to be happy with the choice!

We can’t wait to hear that, and we’re also curious to see what Lunou will explain to us!

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