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Windows 11 build 25140 is available, what’s new?

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Microsoft is presenting a new preview of Windows 11. For a few hours. This build 25140 is available for PCs registered on the DEV channel of the Windows Insider Program.

This is a dedicated preview of improvements and bug fixes. Microsoft explains that Windows 11 build 25140 comes with “a good set of fixes that improve the overall experience.”

This approach is not surprising given that recent Preview versions of the operating system come with some new features. Microsoft has rolled out some much needed updates including support for tabs in File Explorer. So it’s time to improve all this while correcting the latest known bugs.

Windows 11 build 25140, ISOs available

New graphic images of the Euphemia . font

An update to the glyphs available in the Eupemia font. Company details

The Euphemia font covers most languages ​​that use Canadian syllables […] In the latest Insider builds, we’ve updated this font to improve its onscreen readability for over 200 characters of different sizes. We’ve also added new glyphs to support the 14-character Unicode for the Arctic Canadian Nattilik language. »

For the rest, we have fixes for File Explorer, Settings, Inputs, and Task Manager. Being on the DEV channel, this preview is not recommended for a production PC. It comes with several known issues. One of them is causing a sleep problem on the Surface Pro X.

Surface Pro X devices encounter a black screen when resuming from hibernation. You will need to perform a reboot (extended shutdown of the power button).

Finally, Windows 11 build 25140 is also offered as an ISO image. It allows the so-called clean install, that is, from the beginning.

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