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Windows 11 Error slowing down the performance of hard drives and SSDs, solution

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For a few days now, KB5007262 has been offered on an optional basis for computers running Windows 11. This maintenance corrects several issues including the performance issue with hard drives and hard disks.

Microsoft has known this Windows 11 failure for a while. The operating system is a victim of a bug about the USN registry that is enabled by default for the primary volume, disk C. It causes unnecessary actions during operations.

The situation affects the storage performance of the operating system. Obviously, the speeds of a hard drive or flash unit such as a 2.5-inch SSD or M.2 NVMe decrease. In recent days, this bug has been talked about as it affects more and more users.

Windows 11 and KB5007262

Windows 11 and KB5007262

As we mentioned, this problem is well known. Microsoft officially announced it on November 22. It was first identified in August.

The solution is available. Go through the update KB5007262 Available through Windows Update. Download and install is not automatic. It is offered on an optional basis. This is a “preview” of content planned for next Tuesday.

Idles extend start-up times. The most difficult problem arises when dealing with large files and large data transfers. In some cases, notes suggest slower files or apps to open. the Problem Well documented on Note Center And reddit or the forum from Microsoft.

User writes

“I just compared an SSD on Windows 10 and Windows 11. On Windows 10 I get 3500MB/s for reads and 3200MB/s for writes. Windows 11 write speed just dropped to 900MB/s.”

Add another

“I just installed a 1TB 980 SSD and can’t write more than 900MB/s. The reading is around 1700-2300. On an older SSD (Plextor) I get better speeds – which matches the SSD specs.”

Finally, Microsoft is working on several other fixes all related to Windows 11 performance issues. One of the main concerns being investigated is related to File Explorer. It could affect its performance.

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