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Windows 11 KB5014668 installation is sometimes problematic

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Available for a few days, Windows 11 KB5014668 update is causing problems. It is optionally displayed, available via the Windows Update service. Downloading and installing it requires manual intervention.

KB5014668 allows Microsoft to fix a major Wi-Fi failure in Windows 11. This bug has been a known issue for a while. It prevents certain devices from connecting to the Internet through a Wi-Fi access point. Earlier this month, Microsoft officially announced its existence explaining that it is linked to a specific update KB5014697. Needless to say, this was a major issue that was a priority to resolve. This is done meticulously with KB5014668.

Windows 11 and KB5014668 Update, Solution

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect because users have reported installation problems. The discussion thread in Microsoft forums shows that this concern affects many users. Someone explains

I have three computers running Windows 11, Got KB5014668 Installed successfully on one of them and failed on the other two. I have tried all the suggestions listed here and more to no avail. What are we supposed to do now?

It looks like an in-place upgrade might solve the problem. At least that’s what another user says. The solution has reportedly been suggested by Microsoft support teams.

I finally managed to solve the situation. I have contacted MS support. They asked me to do an “in-place upgrade” (which I didn’t want to do in the first place). After several reboots and patience, I was able to install KB5014668.

Note that in calculating the expression spot promotion (In-place Upgrade) means an upgrade without removing the current installation and its associated data. It’s an install as opposed to installing from scratch (clean install).

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