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Winter cycling fun in Montreal

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According to a report by Éco-Compteur, more than 68,000 riders have used bicycles since December 1. The document also tells us that there are 9% fewer cyclists overall on the streets of Montreal this winter, a drop possibly caused by the epidemic and telecommuting.

A new fan of winter cycling, Erhel Diard covers about 12 kilometers per day, and much of it is on REV.

During a pandemic, I needed to exercise and it was a good way to fit it into my routine. As a nurse, the young woman says, it took something to vent. I lost a few pounds and are feeling better. Thanks to the bike, I sleep better. I’m tired, I go home, I go to bed, and I shoot.

Pascal Yakovakis, a meteorologist at Radio Canada, is a convinced cyclist. Nevertheless, it is the first winter that dares to cross the cycle network and the creation of a REV is no stranger to it.

It helps me a lot. Once it snows, I feel safe. No need to worry about cars. And overall it’s well plowed, I’m riding there, I’m fine.

The security issue is also important to Jacques Nakuzzi, the owner of a street café on Saint-Denis.

It makes the difference (REV), he says. I am a fearful person, I am not someone who has been cycling for a long time, this is my second winter bike cycle. And then this year, my kids, I can take them to the Bike Express network, and no worries.

When he’s at his cafe, he sees cyclists using the REV.

I look outside, it’s fixed. I’m not saying it’s dense and that there’s traffic on the fast bike network, but it’s still frequent and steady lanes, while working remotely. So imagine a year in which there is no remote work.

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At the end of the project, the REV will extend 184 km on the island of Montreal. It will be possible to access seventeen pivots for 12 months a year.

Based on the Michelle Chabot report.

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