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She was accused of preventing her from finding her husband’s killer

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A woman who stirred her community by calling to find her husband’s killer was arrested in Texas.

Federal Police accuse Jennifer Faith of obstructing police work in the investigation.

Last October, her partner James was injured multiple times while the couple were walking their dog in a residential area in suburban Dallas.

The woman conducted several interviews with local media to recount the facts of the day and seek public help.

“I heard me running behind me and when I turned around someone started shooting at him.” She told NBCDFW shortly before Christmas.

“I hope this person realizes the seriousness of what he did to my daughter and me. My partner was a pillar of our family, we were destroyed.”

According to court documents, the shooter bound Jennifer’s hands with adhesive paper before he punched her in an attempt to steal her jewelry.

Police finally arrested the woman this week for obstructing justice in relation to the death of her partner.

She was taken to prison, where she awaits her next appearance in court.

His arrest comes a month after the death of his childhood sweetheart, Darren Lopez, who allegedly traveled from Tennessee to Texas to shoot James Faith last fall.

Mr. Lopez is, at present, accused of murder

During the investigation, police discovered that the suspect and Jennifer Faith, who was allegedly in high school and college, had exchanged more than 14,000 calls and text messages between September 30 and October 30, 2020.

The lovers had a five-year (!) Plan to get back together forever.

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People Magazine contacted Darren Lopez’s attorney, Me Juan Sanchez, and said he was “still analyzing the evidence in the file.”

“But we believe that Mr. Lopez is a man of integrity, with a military career, and has been manipulated by Jennifer Faith into believing she is in danger.”

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