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Working From Home? Transform Your Space Into a Healthy Work Environment

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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With remote work being the new standard for the majority of people, many of us are converting our living spaces or bedrooms into temporary home offices. Although working from home has its advantages it can also be exhausting. Overworking or being unable to concentrate can harm both mental and physical health. Or, you could get distracted by online shopping or playing on With that in consideration, it’s time to make some constructive changes and improvements.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that self-care and happiness are as crucial as ever. So, whether you’re seeking ideas to improve your present work-from-home environment or you’re still constructing a practical home office, here are tips for maximizing your workspace to optimize your performance.

Tips to Enhance Your WFH Space 

A solid work-from-home arrangement can help you maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is necessary to physically separate work and personal life to achieve a condition of equilibrium. Begin by reserving a location for your workday and be sure to keep any distractions to a minimum.

While working from home may seem appealing, sitting behind a desk is more beneficial in the long term. Consider a robust workplace table with wheels or a standing desk. When sitting, ensure your chair is properly adjusted so your back is straight. Buy a computer monitor riser and wireless keyboard to ensure that the monitor is at eye level and your hands are aligned with the keyboard.

A well-lit, well-organized, and precisely calibrated workstation is only the beginning. The finest home office is one in which you feel at ease. Add an accent chair to your home office so you can study or relax in between meetings. Placing a Murphy desk, which permits you to literally put away your desk, is another method to make the most of your little home office.

The Basics of Organizing Your Home Office

To manage your workplace clutter, wires, and documents, place a hanging wall organizer on your wall. A board, whether it’s white, black, or magnetic, allows you to arrange your notes. Add your favorite photographs to personalize your home office setting. A rolling cart organizer that you can quickly push about is essential in any little home office.

If your home office still lacks drawers, consider a cabinet on wheels for more versatility. Add divider trays to your drawers to protect them from becoming crowded. Keep all of your documents in magazine holders, properly organized.

Reduce eye and neck strain by using a computer display riser with drawers for additional storage. Put your wires in a cord box. A multi-charging station maintains all of your gadgets powered while also adding a professional touch to your modern home office.

Optimizing Your Home Office Space

Place your workplace near a natural source of light. While you’re pent up at home, the sunshine will keep you motivated. Put succulents in your peripheral view to get closer to nature. These soothing, drought-tolerant plants are simple to care for and will enhance your senses. Fresh air is essential for success, so keep your room well-ventilated throughout the day. 

Place a mirror near your desk to ensure that you appear decent for your next Zoom appointment. Have a “Do not enter” sign on hand for those times when you really must make a deadline. When interacting with coworkers, place your armchair in front of your bookcases to create a library-like atmosphere.

To prevent dehydration, keep a glass of drinking water full. Stretch at least once every hour, and use a timer if necessary. Exercise daily and keep your body and spirit in mind. Make a self-love routine and set aside time for self-care.

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