World Championship: easy date for Canada against Italy

Before facing Canada on Sunday in the World Hockey Championship, Italy lost sharply to Switzerland on Saturday.

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The Italian team lost 5-2, and could at least count on its goalkeeper Andreas Bernard, who made 42 saves.

New Jersey Devils striker Nico Hescher scored the goal, while teammate Calvin Thorcoff scored twice.

Daniel Gilera and Dante Hanoun were the only scorers for Italy in the third half with a loss.

The winner over Germany with a score of 5 to 3 to start the tournament on Friday, Canada is part of a rather weak group A. In addition to Germany and Italy, there are also Switzerland, Slovakia, Denmark, Kazakhstan and France.

After the duel against the Italian team on Sunday, the Canadian team led by Claude Julien set a date with Slovakia on Monday.

Denmark nine times

Denmark managed to perform that day, in one of six matches on Saturday, throwing the ropes nine times in the 9-1 win over Kazakhstan.

San Jose Sharks striker Joachim Blechfield scored a third of his team’s goals, and completed a hat-trick. Nikolai Eilers of the Winnipeg Jets also performed well with three assists. However, defender Lukas Morrison was the most productive with four points, all of them assists.

Goalkeeper Frederic Deschaux, of the Montreal Canadiens of Denmark, did not take part in the game, instead playing Sebastian Dehm’s second violin. The latter made 25 balls in the win.

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