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World Junior Championships: Can the tournament resume this summer?

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Luke Tardive got wet, but did not want to dive. The president of the International Ice Hockey Federation (FIHG) has raised the possibility of completing the Junior World Championships this summer.

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“This event has been cancelled, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of it all,” suggested Tardev with a touch of optimism on this sad day, today. We must think of a way to complete this tournament in 2022. This committee is not giving up. There may be a surprise coming. “

By surprise, he hopes to be able to deliver good news within a few weeks. He is an optimist, he wants the young players to be able to shine and lift their international trophy in 2022.

“It is one of the most important competitions for young players. It is not over. We owe it to them.”

Explore the options

Tardef and the organizing committee will evaluate all possibilities next month. In the best of the world, it will be possible to continue the tournament after the men’s world championships, which will be held in Finland in mid-May.

The downside is that the organizing committee must ensure the logistics with all participating tournaments, whether junior or professional. Because according to Tardif, all players who participated in this edition of World Juniors will be eligible for the summer. Regardless of their age as there will be exceptions.

Faced with this prospect, he wants young aspirants, among others, to be able to use this international show to shine with all their fires. Especially those who qualify for the NHL Draft scheduled for July 7-8 in Montreal.

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From these clues, we can conclude that the tournament could continue into June. Above all, Tardif does not want to promise anything.

Another reason

But it is not only the good intentions of the youth that judges the decision to come. There is also money!

According to Tardif, the World Junior Championships is the second most important tournament on the FIHG list. It represents a real cash cow for the Federation as well as its organisation, Hockey Canada. In addition to these are the broadcast rights holders, Bill.

Everyone obviously wishes to be able to put one last happy exclamation point after the medal ceremony. For youth..and fill the chests instead of the empty pockets!

♦ The 2023 edition of the World Junior Championships will be presented in Omsk and Novosibirsk, Russia.

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