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You are not eligible to vote if you have just contracted COVID-19 | Canada elections 2021

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Mrs. Tremblay started losing her taste and smell on Monday. I went for a screening test on Tuesday and received the results on Wednesday morning.

She contracted COVID-19, despite being doubly vaccinated.

Voters had until 6 p.m. Tuesday to order a mail-in voting kit. Voting ended in a special ballot at the Return Office at six o’clock on Tuesday evening.

The Election Commission of Canada is therefore asking Caroline Tremblay to respect the health instructions and confirming that she will not be able to vote on September 20.

I find it boring. We always hear, and it is a fact, that everyone should do their part. We are fortunate to have our say on those who will be elected and will take care of the country, laments Carolyn Tremblay.

Hundreds of other cases

Chances are, hundreds of voters across the country are in the same situation as she was. The presence of the delta variant is causing a significant increase in COVID-19 cases in many regions.

The latest reports from public health authorities Thursday reported 782 new cases in Quebec in the past 24 hours and an additional 864 cases in Ontario over the same period.

New infections are also expected to be reported in every county by the September 20 elections.

Hooked on democracy

Caroline Tremblay sees this as an obstacle to democracy.

They didn’t think of any way we could vote. It’s my role as a citizen. I am lucky to be able to vote. We are in a democratic society. He plays on the results, I thinkas you say.

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This Quebec citizen is surprised that no alternative solution has been considered to allow isolated people to vote.

It seems to me that they have plenty of time to think about something. Not in the last week has there been that many people with COVID. I find it unfortunate, concluded.

At Elections Canada, we made it clear that the deadline for mail voting cannot be changed, because it takes a certain amount of time to be able to produce final voter lists.

These lists should be given to political parties and auditors on election night.

Elections Canada refused to give us an interview on this topic.

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