You can take 48MP photos with your iPhone, but that’s not thanks to Apple

So no, the iPhone does not have a 48MP sensor and has not received any update to perform the upgrade. However, the Camera+ app on iOS is updated and allows for an upgrade of up to 48MP.

Photo modules from iPhone 13 Pro Max (left) and 12 Pro Max (right) // Source: FRANDROID

We wanted to tell you about this surprise, theiPhone 13 Pro Max That you bought over 1200 euros in the end has a main sensor of 48 MP instead of the 12 MP that we knew, but no. althoughIphone Too good at photography, you may lose some jobs. That’s fine, the Camera+ app is updated and offers UltraRes mode to expand your photos up to 48MP. About Take photos and edit iOS app.

48 Megapixels on iPhone, it’s now possible

LateNiteSoft, Camera + Editor, Announces the twenty-second version of its application. Adds a mode called “UltraRes ‘, making it possibleUpgrade Up to 48 megapixels, which is four times the definition of the image. For this, the application uses ” Ultra-fast machine learning modelWho has been trained? What to improve details on photos, to enlarge them for example. Good news, this mode can be used on already taken photos.

camera +
Source: Camera +

UltraRes is available on iPhone and iPad with NeuralEngine and sufficient RAM. you will need iPhone 11 or higher, a iPad Pro third generation, ipad mini 6th generation or A 9th generation iPad minimum. This situation can only makeUpgradeImages up to 12 megapixels.

Other new features of Camera +

Camera + just got better, faster and more modern with a redesigned editor. All with a revised design, including on IPAD. LateNiteSoft has also announced that it has fixed bugs, but now displays the graph directly on the shooting screen.

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The big change depends mainly on the economic formula and model. Previously, Camera + made purchasesin the app, but it goes to subscription. It’s priced at €2.99 per month or $12 per year. However, you can still purchase the full app for $24.99.

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