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“You can’t lower your head to my son.”

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Winnipeg Jets frontman Mark Sheffley teamed up with Manitoba Public Insurance Company on an advertising campaign, and let’s say the logo wouldn’t please Montreal Canadiens fans.

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“You can’t get your head down, man,” a skater tells a motorist looking at his cell phone while he’s driving.

On the French page of the Manitoba General Insurance Company, it is translated as: “Being hit in the head is not funny.”

In the last playoffs, Scheifele received a four-game ban for severely disposing of Canadian striker Jake Evans.

The latter had just scored a goal against Khali to confirm his team’s victory in the first match of the series between the two Canadian teams. By the time the Jets representative hit him head-on, CH’s head was down…

Schevel also noted, after the hit, that he called Evans to apologize, while continuing to believe it was a legal examination.

He said at the time: “I did not intend to injure a player. I was intending to prevent him from scoring. One minute left, we had just scored. The only thing I thought about was blocking the goal. I wanted to win.”

The Manitoba striker also rebelled against the suspension he received.

“I was in shock,” he said. I didn’t think it was a bad body check. I don’t lift my feet. Keep my elbow inside.”

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nhlbreakers posted on their Instagram account the video of the announcement, and several netizens called out Evans in the comments.

At the moment, the Canadian player has not reacted to the issue.

As Bleu-Blanc-Rouge swept the series against the Jets, Scheifele will miss his first game of 2021-22, on October 13, when he visits Manitoba’s The Ducks in Anaheim.

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