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“You want to be the best ever”

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Mary Yves Decker will take on a challenge Size Friday night, as she will face Clarissa Shields. America starts out as the favorites, but is pursuing something bigger: gender equality.

join Montreal MagazineHer coach John David Jackson lifted the veil on her boxer’s goals.

Jackson said, “When you get in the ring, Clarissa always wants to prove that she’s the best ever.” What motivates her at its highest point is that women’s boxing is as respected as men’s boxing.

“During her fights, she wants to shut the valve off in the face of skeptics who question her ability to box.”

Jackson has seen others in his career. He led many world champions, including Bernard Hopkins, Shane Mosley and Sergey Kovalev, into his gymnasium. Is there a different component to Shields (10-0, 2 KOs)?

Jackson says bluntly: “His mental strength.” In her head, no one could hit her. She has an unshakable confidence as she steps into the ring. When you have this mindset, there isn’t much that can stop you. “

Strict preparation

Jackson sees no pitfalls in his boxing path pending the Super Middleweight unification duel against Mary Yves Decayer (17-0, 0 KO.), Which will be held in Flint, Michigan.

“I watched several videos of Decaire, the American explains. She’s a good boxer, but her hands are no faster than anyone else’s.”
Opponents of Clarissa.

“Clarissa has the strength, but she’s also smart in the ring.”

Jackson is well aware that the FIFA champion will try to move a lot during a 10-round duel.

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“She’s not the best boxer Clarissa has ever faced. On the other hand, we have prepared as if Dicaire was him
The best boxer of all time.

“For Dicaire’s Travels, Clarissa knows very well that she will have to cut the ring to force her opponent to trade with her.”

The fight takes place in a ring measuring 20 feet by 20 feet inside cables; Requested by Promoter Yvonne Michel during negotiations. So Dicaire will have room to operate against the colossal slugs that are Shields.

“Regardless of the size of the ring, we will be ready. Whatever his strategy, Dicaire will have to trade with Claressa to win.”

AMM tricks

Over the past few months, the Shields have gained attention by signing a contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), a mixed martial arts organization. It is due to start appearing there in the spring.

Shields went to train for a few weeks with former UFC Champion Holly Holm, to learn the basics of the sport.

Has the united champion had a hard time returning to boxing? Not at all, according to Jackson.

“I had no problem watching her train in mixed martial arts. I helped Clarissa tremendously on the technical level.

“I’ve learned a few things that make her punches more powerful. It makes my job easier.”

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