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“You will understand me”

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I’ve been mad at Kim Lee since the last season of the reality show Bling Empire (Bling Empire)? This will change when you see the upcoming episodes, is the main interested party.

reality TV Bling Empire It opens the golden doors to the luxury homes and lives of the group of East Asian and American millionaires and billionaires living in Los Angeles. Among these, DJ Kim Lee makes onlookers dream about her perfect figure, lavish outfit and intense party feeling.

In the second season published on the platform on May 13, Kevin Kreider (model of the group) is trying by all means to seduce her. Kim suspects that he will be asked to pass a polygraph to prove his good intentions. Which is somewhat counterproductive.

“Kevin and I will always be good friends, as she explained while visiting Montreal over the weekend in Formula 1. Lies, but viewers also know that I find it hard to trust people. I really thought that would be a good thing. But, it clearly didn’t work out well. good for me(Laughter). »

She asserts that viewers will be able to better understand her fears and motivations when they can watch Season 3. A season Netflix hasn’t announced a release date yet.

“People are going to have to watch next season to stop pissing me off, follow the DJ and model who will be worth $10 million USD. When you go watch it, I swear you’ll understand me better.”

Party in Montreal

The passage of the film, dubbed by many as “Asia’s Kim Kardashian” on the red carpet of the Maxim Grand Prix gala at Windsor Station in Montreal on the sidelines of the Formula 1 race, was short, but amazing. “I love F1 and celebrating,” she explained. Lewis Hamilton is also a good friend. »

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Although there is no cast member Bling Empire He did not accompany him to Montreal, his makeup artist from the series was by his side to take care of his appearance, hair and makeup.

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