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Book: The science of bodybuilding

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You may have heard the saying, “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.” I have worked for several years writing columns intended to show that good physical shape is closely related to high self-esteem.

If I was used to dealing with topics closely related to running, today I am making a small difference to venture into the very wide world of bodybuilding.

In fact, I came across a great book that caught my attention quickly as I found it interesting and easy to understand.

The science of bodybuildingBy Austin Current, Published a few weeks ago by Éditions Québec Amérique and I have promised myself a small review. Nothing serious because I don’t pretend to know much about it. I do some bodybuilding moves at the end of my race walks, but nothing complicated.

So I left the book on the bedside table of my wife, who has been a fitness trainer for thirty years, and asked her to take a look at it when she could. After several overviews of the book, Daphne assured me that it’s worth a few lines in the In Shape section because it’s well-consulted and well-executed.

soAnd the The science of bodybuilding It aims to train enthusiasts who want to advance in their practice, health professionals as well as anyone interested in anatomy and biology!

It builds on the latest research in bodybuilding and deconstructs, in a way, the ideas received. It reveals the mechanics behind each movement and offers a range of exercises to perfect your technique and strengthen your body. Enough to turn on your muscles and gray matter!

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The practical aspect should not be overlooked: more than half of the book deals with precise and targeted bodybuilding exercises, grouped according to different muscle groups.

In addition to more than a hundred programs that can be customized according to the player’s level, experience, and goals, this guide offers a section detailing how to prevent injuries and return to training safely. Everything is enhanced by stretching and recovery exercises.

Losing weight, strengthening and strengthening the body, increasing muscle mass … Whatever the reasons for indulging in bodybuilding, In this wonderfully illustrated book, the novice or expert will find answers to their questions about the effect of bodybuilding on overall health, on the optimal nutrition to adopt or on the protection and preservation of their bones.

picture 2Whether it is to strengthen and sculpt your figure, lose weight, improve athletic performance or gain mobility, bodybuilding will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Austin’s current book is real reference tool. He obviously knows that because he’s an athletic trainer, physical trainer, and sports nutritionist. He is one of the founders Physics development consultancy and a personal or online coach for clients all over the world.

The science of bodybuilding It will reveal the mechanics of each movement, lifting the veil on all the muscles and joints at work, so you can maximize the effects of your workouts and truly feel your progress. With customizable training programs and a science-based approach to deconstructing myths about bodybuilding, this book works for both the body and the mind.

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From now on, I promise to consult with him regularly to better understand how weight training can make me a better runner with a more confident stride and a more confident stride. It is a mistake to think that increasing muscle mass slows down a sprinter’s speed. It’s all a matter of dose.

In the end, your body will thank you.

The science of bodybuilding. Austin current. 224 pages. Quebec America

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